Julie Quinones

Julie Quinones

Administrative Specialist

Office of the Dean

Pereira 100

Julie is an administrative specialist in the Dean’s Office. She assists Dean Tina Choe, as well as associate deans Herbert Medina and Pippa Drennan. Various responsibilities include maintaining calendars, facilitation of all tenure-track and part-time faculty hiring, coordination of college events and meetings, and maintenance of college scholarships/awards. Julie has been at LMU since 2001; all but one of those years have been spent in the Seaver College Dean’s Office.

Julie has worked in academia most of her entire professional career, beginning at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1975. While working full-time, she attended classes on a part-time basis and eventually earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology at the age of 44.

Julie enjoys visiting her three children who all reside in different states (Wisconsin, Washington, Utah) and spending time at home with her husband, two labs, and two cats.

Fun fact: All of her pets (past and present) are named after New York Yankee players.