LEAP (Life Science Early Awareness)

Thank you for your interest in the LEAP living learning community! To be considered for participation, please complete the LMU Housing application, in addition to the short form found on this page. Submit by May 31st for full consideration; all applicants will be notified before June Orientation. Please note that the LEAP pre-college program requires students to move-in early to campus. This year, the date is set for Tuesday, August 22nd. There is a one-time $200 program fee for participants.

Apply to join the LEAP Living-Learning Community

LEAP is a living-learning community program for first-year students in the Life Sciences in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering.  The exclusive First Year Seminar course, along with the residential component, and other co-curricular experiences are designed to create a fully integrated learning experience and further the student’s interest and success in pursuing careers in the life sciences.  Co-curricular programs include a natural science oriented “Explore L.A.” program (early move-in) and science-themed service activities.

There is a $200 fee to participate in the community.  The fee will be charged to the students’ accounts at the beginning of the fall semester and covers the costs for meals, transportation and other expenses of the program during the academic year.


The First Year Seminar for LEAP students will help students become scientists.  The course will investigate what it means to “do science” as well as how science is communicated both within the scientific community and to non-scientists.  Students will discuss the lives of scientists and their scientific contributions as well as scientific articles from both the professional and popular press.  Students will practice speaking and writing for different audiences including professionals, peers and non-scientists.

SCEM 190:  Exploring the Natural Sciences
The SCEM 190 course offered in the fall will serve as an introduction to areas of study and career opportunities within the natural sciences.  It will also provide community members with the knowledge and skills essential to becoming successful students in the sciences at LMU.  The class sessions are highly interactive and designed to help community members plot a path for success at LMU. Additional program events will take place during the Spring Semester.

All students enrolled in LEAP will live on the same floor in Del Rey North.  LEAP students will develop close relationships and experience a strong sense of community by participating in the various programs and activities offered throughout the year.  They will learn together and from one another as they experience the challenging curriculum offered to students in the program.  The community is staffed with two resident advisers (RAs) who are past LEAP community members.  The RAs will assist with the SCEM 190 course, and accompany the community during the LA Experience and other excursions offered by the program.  They will also serve as excellent academic resources and mentors for those living in the community.

The week before the start of fall semester, all of LEAP community members will participate in a three-day pre-college program to help them become acquainted with one another, the LEAP faculty and LMU.  In the past, this pre-college program included trips to some of Los Angeles’ well-known nature science centers and areas of ecological interest, such as the Griffith Observatory, California Science Center and the Aquarium of the Pacific.  The community members will have an opportunity to get settled into their rooms before the majority of students arrive, allowing them to begin forming bonds and friendships prior to tackling the challenging, yet rewarding coursework that lies ahead.

Apply to join the LEAP Living-Learning Community

If you have any questions about participating in a living learning community, contact Dr. Sandra Luca at sluca@lmu.edu