Health Professions Committee Letter

Health Professions Committee Letter

Health Professions Advising offers an optional committee letter for LMU students and alumni who are applying to medical or dental school.

Receiving a committee letter will neither guarantee admission nor denial to medical or dental school. However, many medical and dental schools do expect students to have a committee letter written if this service is available at their undergraduate institution.

The LMU Committee Letter will reflect your:

  • Academic information
  • Biographical information
  • Passion for medicine or dentistry
  • Community service
  • Research
  • Other relevant experience
  • Unique attributes and competencies
  • Unique challenges or adversities that you have had to overcome

In addition to the committee letter you will receive feedback on your application to medical or dental school. You will also receive a mock interview by a LMU faculty which will provide you with valuable feedback.

What to Expect from the Committee Letter Process:

The Committee Letter process is intended to provide LMU students with a thorough assessment and guidance in their application to medical and dental school. It is much more than just requesting a committee letter. You will be provided with feedback on your entire application to medical and dental school. Deadline for applying is April 7, 2017.


Step 1- Pre-Health Committee Letter Application
Complete a Pre-Health Committee Letter Application.

A complete Pre-Health Committee Letter Application will include your:

  • Application
  • Health Professions GPA Table
  • Resume
  • Autobiography
  • Unofficial Transcripts (upload as one document). Official transcripts may be requested on an individual basis.
  • Names of individuals who will write your letters of recommendation.
  • Only the names of your recommenders are required for the application.
  • For your letters of recommendation please open an account with Interfolio for a reduced price of $15 per year. Email to receive offer code. You will manage the storing and delivery of your letters of recommendation on Interfolio.
  • After you have successfully registered your letter writers, they will receive a separate email asking them to upload the letter of recommendation. Your letter writer should provide a separate, typed, dated and signed letter on official letterhead.
  • Letters of recommendation are due online by June 1st and are required before your committee letter will be written.


Step 2- Review of Pre-Health Committee Application
LMU's Health Professions Advising will review your Pre-Health Committee Letter Application once all materials have been submitted.

Once your Pre-Health Committee Letter Application is complete, please notify Health Professions Advising who will review your application.

Step 3- Mock Interview (Interviews will take place between May and August).

You will be instructed as to how and when to schedule your Mock Interview with a HPAC Committee member (you will be provided with the faculty contact information); it is your responsibility to set up an agreed time and date for your interview.

If you will be graduating from LMU and would like to conduct your interview before May, please submit your Pre-Health Committee Letter Application early. If you will be in the Los Angeles area or vicinity or returning in the Fall, interviews can be set up throughout the summer and early August. Interviews can also be conducted via Skype.

Step 4- Writing the Committee Letter
The Committee Letter is drafted after the Mock Interview; however, it will not be finalized until the following criteria are met:

  • Spring grades are received
  • MCAT or DAT scores received
  • All letters of recommendation are in
  • Draft of AMCAS and AADSAS is received
  • Interviewer notes are received

*The Committee Letter is kept on file for 5 years.

Step 5- Forwarding Your Letters to Health Professional Schools

See step 1 above. Interfolio will store and deliver your confidential letters of recommendation. You will manage the delivery of your letters. If you applied for a committee letter, it will be uploaded to your account when ready. A nominal fee will be assessed by Interfolio for the delivery of your letters to each health professional school you apply to.

Step 6- Release of Your Common Application (Dental and Medical School application) (optional)

You have the option to release your Common Application to your Health Professions Advisor. We request that you release your information as it allows the HPA staff to maintain statistics and further improve services offered to LMU students.

April 7, 2017
Deadline for all materials to be submitted online.


For a more detailed summary of the Committee Letter and the process, please check out our Committee Letter Information Packet for more information.