TA Application

Interested in becoming a Teacher's Assistant?

We are now accepting applications! 


Applications due Monday, April 3, 2017


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Courses Available for TA Positions for the 2017-2018 Academic Year: 

~Fall 2017~

BIOL 111: General Biology I Lab

BIOL 201: Cell Function

BIOL 318: Principles of Ecology Lab

BIOL 322: Urban Ecology Lab

BIOL 333: Biology of Mammals Lab

BIOL 335: Comparative Anatomy Lab

BIOL 351: General Physiology Lab

BIOL 362: General Microbiology Lab

BIOL 364: Cell Culture Lab

BIOL 376: Genetics Lab

BIOL 439: Molecular Biology Applications Lab



~Spring 2018~

BIOL 112: General Biology II Lab

BIOL 202: Genetics

BIOL 314: Tropical Ecology Lab

BIOL 322: Urban Ecology Lab

BIOL 338: Animal Behavior Lab

BIOL 358: Hormones and Behavior Lab

BIOL 362: General Microbiology Lab

BIOL 398: Microbial Genomics Lab

BIOL 422: Marine Biology Lab

BIOL 438: Plant Development Lab

BIOL 478: Molecular Biology of the Genome Lab