Nicole C. Bouvier-Brown, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

Phone: 310-338-7576
Office: Seaver 327



  • Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, U.C. Berkeley, 2008
  • B.S. in Biology/Chemistry (Environmental), St. Mary's College of California, 2003

Recent Publications

Bouvier-Brown, N.C. “Environmental Justice through Atmospheric Chemistry” in Service Learning and Environmental Chemistry, American Chemical Society (ACS) Books, edited by Drs. Elizabeth S. Roberts-Kirchhoff, Matthew J. Mio, and Mark A. Benvenuto.

Bouvier-Brown, N.C., E. Carrasco*, J. Karz*, K. Chang*, T. Nguyen*, D. Ruiz*, V. Okonta*, J.B. Gilman, W.C. Kuster, J.A. deGouw. A portable and inexpensive method for quantifying ambient intermediate volatility organic compounds, Atmospheric Environment, 94, 126-133, 2014.

Bouvier-Brown, N.C., G.W. Schade, L. Misson, A. Lee, M. McKay, A.H. Goldstein. Contributions of biogenic volatile organic compounds to net ecosystem carbon flux in a ponderosa pine plantation, Atmospheric Environment, 60, 527-533, 2012.

Huisman, A.J., J.R. Hottle, M.M. Galloway, J.P. DiGangi, K.L. Coens, W.S. Choi, I.C. Faloona, J.B. Gilman, W.C. Kuster, J. de Gouw, N.C. Bouvier-Brown, A.H. Goldstein, B.W. LaFranchi, R.C. Cohen, G.M. Wolfe, J.A. Thornton, K.S. Docherty, D.K. Farmer, M.J. Cubison, J.L. Jimenez, J. Mao, W.H. Brune, F.N. Keutsch. Photochemical modeling of glyoxal at a rural site: observations and analysis from BEARPEX 2007, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 8883-8897, 2011. 

Wolfe, G.M., J.A. Thornton, N.C. Bouvier-Brown, E.C. Browne, W.H. Brune, R.C. Cohen, J.A. de Gouw, A.H. Goldstein, A. Huisman, F.N. Keutsch, B.W. LaFranchi, D.M. Matross, M. McKay, K.-E. Min, J.-H. Park, P.O. Wennberg, and P.J. Wooldridge. The chemistry of atmosphere-forest exchange (CAFE) model, Part II: Application to BEARPEX-2007 observations, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 1269-1294, 2011. 

Choi, W., I.C. Faloona, N.C. Bouvier-Brown, M. McKay, A.H. Goldstein, J. Mao, W.H. Brune, B.W. LaFranchi, R.C. Cohen, G.M. Wolfe, J.A. Thornton, D.M. Sonnenfroh, D.B. Millet. Observations of elevated formaldehyde over a forest canopy suggest missing sources from rapid oxidation of arboreal hydrocarbons, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10, 8761-8781, 2010.

Bouvier-Brown, N.C., A.H. Goldstein, J.B. Gilman, W.C. Kuster, J.A. de Gouw. In-situ ambient quantification of monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and related oxygenated compounds during BEARPEX 2007: Implications for gas- and particle-phase chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 9, 5505-5518, 2009.

Bouvier-Brown, N.C., A.H. Goldstein, D.R. Worton, D.M. Matross, J.B. Gilman, W.C. Kuster, D. Welsh-Bon, C. Warneke, J.A. de Gouw, T.M. Cahill, R. Holzinger. Methyl chavicol: Characterization of its biogenic emission rate, abundance, and oxidation products in the atmosphere, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 9, 2061–2074, 2009.

Bouvier-Brown, N.C., R. Holzinger, K. Palitzsch, A.H. Goldstein. Large emissions of sesquiterpenes and methyl chavicol quantified from branch enclosure measurements, Atmospheric Environment, 43, 389-401, 2009.

Bouvier-Brown, N.C., R. Holzinger, K. Palitzsch, A.H. Goldstein. Quantifying sesquiterpene and oxygenated terpene emissions from live vegetation using solid-phase microextraction fibers, Journal of Chromatography A, 1161, 113–120, 2007.


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