Environmental Science Program

  • Field of study preparing student for work in the field of environmental sciences or further graduate studies.

  • Rigorous interdisciplinary program involving course work in biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science and engineering.

  • Environmental science classes focus on theoretical and technical knowledge of the generation, transport and fate of pollutants, their impacts on natural resources and human health, and resource management, and conveying technical information.

  • Laboratory courses designed to maximize hands-on experience in collecting samples from various media, and using an array of equipment to characterize samples of soils, water, and air.

  • Many of the environmental science courses include field trips to the adjacent Ballona Wetlands and Santa Monica Bay to demonstrate methods for collecting samples, and to study environmental conditions and resident biota.

  • Internships with local environmental organization and companies are an integral component of the program.

  • The major requires that the student conduct a research project followed by presentation of results upon completion.

  • Job opportunities exist in the field of environmental protection, environmental health & safety, environmental education, natural resources management, environmental monitoring & assessment, and allied environmental professions (e.g. law, consumer advocacy).


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