BA in Mathematics

This major is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching mathematics at the secondary (i.e., high school) level. With the help of her/his advisor, the student may design a schedule carefully so that s/he can complete the 2042 California Preliminary Single Subject (Secondary) Teaching Credential during her/his four years at LMU. For more details on the additional requirements for a Teaching Credential, and a sample four-year curriculum which includes both the requirement for the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and the Teaching Credential, see the Secondary Teacher Preparation Program section of the LMU Bulletin.

For assistance in creating your four-year plan, including how to finish the Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and also Teaching Credential, please consult with your advisor and see the LMU Bulletin.

Please consider this sample four-year schedule for assistance in creating your four-year plan.  It outlines the typical sequence of courses, assuming a hypothetical student enters LMU as a first-year student and has no AP or prior University credit for courses.  Students are strongly encouraged to consult frequently with their advisor about the sequence of classes.

General Major Requirements
Lower Division Major Requirements
Upper Division Major Requirements
Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics

General Major Requirements

Students must complete the corresponding Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science University Core requirements as defined by the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering; students will choose the proper sequence of University Core courses in consultation with their advisor.

Mathematics majors and minors are not permitted to enroll in a mathematics course without a minimum grade of C (2.0) in that course’s prerequisite. A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required in each course in the lower division major requirements. A minimum cumulative grade point average of C (2.0) is required in the upper division major requirements for graduation.

Lower Division Major Requirements

MATH 131, 132, 190, 191, 234, 245, 248, 250, 282; one science course chosen from BIOL 101, 102; CHEM 110, 112, 114; PHYS 101, 201 and CMSI 185, 281. The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and the Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics degrees require an additional science course chosen from the courses listed above; a second CMSI or PHYS course also may be counted towards the Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics (please see upper division requirements below). In addition, those pursuing a credential will need to complete MATH 293.

Upper Division Requirements (11 courses)

MATH 321, 331, 357, 360, 490, 493 or 497, 550, one additional 3-unit upper division MATH elective (excluding MATH 301, 302) chosen in consultation with his/her advisor; EDUC 488; and two 3-unit EDxx courses chosen from the list of requirements for the preliminary single subject secondary credential or one such EDxx course and one course from BIOL 101, 102, 201, 202; CHEM 114, 220; PHYS 101, 201; or CMSI 185, 281, 282.


Students are encouraged to enrich their program of study with selected electives from the following areas:

Students are encouraged to take a course in the issues of business.

Computer Skills
Students are expected to become proficient in computer skills. Courses or workshops may be taken to help students develop existing skills.

Foreign Language
Students are encouraged to study foreign languages to the intermediate level. LMU offers Chinese, French, German, Greek (Modern and Classical), Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, and Tagalog on a regular basis.

International/Global Studies
Students are encourages to select elective courses that deal with international and/or global issues. Consult the bulletin listings.

Study Abroad
A semester of international study abroad is also recommended.

Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics

A joint effort of the Department of Mathematics and the School of Education, the Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics provides advanced education for secondary teachers. More information can be found at the LMU MAT webpage .

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