Measurement of Vibration of Structures

Measurement of Vibration of Structures Using Laser Vibrometry

Project Description:

This project involves the measurement of vibration of structures using laser vibrometry. The goal of the project is to modify the current laboratory setup to accommodate a new structure (a fixed-fixed beam with some added mass), and then use the available two laser vibrometers to determine its resonance frequencies and mode shapes of vibrations.

Advisor: Pezhman Hassanpour,
Project Duration: Two Semesters

Student Duties:

The ideal candidate for this position will make a simple structure for the experiment, perform the measurement, and analyze the measurement data.

Student Background Required:

Student background should include:

  • Undergraduate mechanical engineering with an introductory course on Vibrations.
  • Knowledge of MATLAB.
  • Applicants with undergraduate electrical engineering background will be considered too.
  • Applicants must have experience with LabView to help with developing an in-house software to work with the laser vibrometers.