Optimizing Ductility in Magnesium Alloy Sheets

Optimizing Ductility in Magnesium Alloy Sheets

Project Description:

AZ31B-H24&-TP Magnesium  (Mg-Al-Zn-Mn) alloy is known to have very low formability at room temperature which precludes its use at room temperature stamping operations. This is why wrought Mg sheet in general, and this alloy in particular, has seen only minimal application in vehicle components. Mg plates will be cold rolled at different reduction in thicknesses and then will be recrystallized at different temperatures before the final roll. There will be 60 processes (rolling and heat treatments) until a design window is achieved to optimize the ductility of this alloy. The rolling mill, furnaces, milling operations, tensile testing, optical microscopy, and scanning electro-microscopy will be used.

Advisor: Omar S Es-Said, oessaid@lmu.edu
Project Duration: October 2017 - May 2018

Student Duties:

Students will be responsible for rolling, heat treatments, tensile testing, optical microscopy, scanning electro-mircoscopy, reduction of data, writing the report and analysis, and leading  four to five undergraduates assisting in the project.

Student Background Required:

Student should have a background in mechanical engineering.