The Effect of Tempering Treatment

The Effect of Temperiong Treatment on the Fatigue Life of Aluminum Lithium Wheels

Project Description:

Samples from different locations of aircraft wheels were extracted. Some were in the T6 temper (peak aged) and some were cold worked and aged to the T8 temper. The T6 samples were extracted from two locations from the wheel and the T8 samples from only one location. The T6 samples were from the rim and the hub. The S-N curves will be tested and the fatigue life will be evaluated. The fractured samples will be examined under the scanning electron microscope. It is expected that the T6 samples will have a longer fatigue life with ductile fracture. 

Advisor: Omar S Es-Said,
Project Duration: 9 Months

Student Duties:

The student will perform stress-number of cycles to failure (fatigue testing), optical microscopy evaluation, and scanning microscopy on the fractured surfaces.

Student Background Required:

Basic materials engineering is required.