Certificate in Lean Healthcare Systems

Certificate in Lean Healthcare Systems (CLHS)

The three-course graduate certificate in Lean Healthcare Systems is a convenient advanced program for healthcare professionals (providers, nurses and administrators in hospitals, emergency departments, operating rooms, clinics, clinical laboratories, radiology laboratories, pharmacies and supply chain) desiring to acquire powerful and practical knowledge of streamlining operations, eliminating waste and increasing value to patients, providers and the enterprise. The Certificate delivers modern and comprehensive practical education. No prior knowledge of Lean is required. The program is managed by the Systems Engineering faculty specializing in healthcare systems. The students who complete the Certificate program with the GPA of "B" or better can apply for re-admission into the Master’s Healthcare Systems Engineering program and have all certificate courses credited towards the Master’s program. 

Admission Requirements

  • Application to Graduate Admissions and a $50 application fee. To apply on-line, visit http://graduate.lmu.edu.
  • B.S. or B.A. from an accredited university program
  • Undergraduate transcript
  • Two years' work experience in healthcare environment
  • Two letters of recommendation from employers (one current) or former professors.
    • Promising applicants who do not satisfy these requirements will be considered for conditional admission and, when so admitted, must demonstrate satisfactory performance during their first year in the program.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of the following three courses (9 semester hours):

  • SELP 535 Lean Healthcare 3 semester hours
  • SELP 635 Advanced Lean Management of Healthcare 3 semester hours
  • SELP 696 Project in Healthcare 3 semester hours

The overall minimum GPA required for award of the Certificate is 2.7; the minimum grade in the 535 course is B, and the minimum grade in the 600-level courses is C.


The Certificate can be completed in 10 months, as follows.  The online SELP 535 course is offered in the Summer Term II, meeting online twice a week for 3.5 hours. The times and days are decided jointly by the instructor and the students. The student may take the course while sitting at his/her computer at work or home.  The SELP 635 is offered in class in the Fall semester (one evening per week).  The Project course SELP 696 is offered in the Spring semester. The student completes the Project mostly on his/her own time, or at work, with only a few meetings with the advisor.  

Registering into the courses is the student's responsibility. A student is expected to make reasonable progress toward the degrees to remain in good standing at the University.