Student Projects


Bueno O., Just in time processing of urine cultures, [Bacteriology Lab]

Chan L. Processing & Delivering “Test Ready” Samples to the Regional Laboratory’s Testing Departments

Dizon V., Tabata C., Waste Reduction in Automated Chemistry Lab System Thru Standardization and Lean Thinking

Frazier L.S., Lean Improvements in Chlamydia/GC Testing

Javier J., Lumampao, G., Punu C., Waste Reduction in an Inter-Dependent (Clinical Sample) System Through Standardization and Lean Methods

Moradian M. Testing Optimization of Molecular Oncology Assays

Tiffert M., Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Optimization for Bone Marrow Specimens


Edora C.D., Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) – Connectivity Challenges and Enablers

Medina P., L., Improving Value In Ova And Parasite Testing,
Challenges and Lean Enablers

Militante C., Streamlining Emergency Department Flow,
Challenges and Enablers

Usher G., Minimizing Waste in a Serum Protein Electrophoresis Workflow
Varela A., Specimen Processing, Challenges and Enablers


Croul A., Optimizing Patient Throughput in Kaiser Permanente’s Fast Track: An Urgent Care Pathway

Liu H., Secure Text Messaging: Improving Care and Changing Behavior [KP]

Lopatto J., Improving Turnaround Times for Electrolyte and Troponin Samples from the KPSB Emergency Department

Olufson E., Linen Management Project in In-Patient Hospital, KP WLA

Pouya P., Fighting the Medical Alarm Fatigue, A Systems Engineering Perspective

Sarni L., Kaiser Permanente Anaheim ED; Improving Patient Flow Using Systems Engineering and Lean Thinking

Wyllie K., Streamlining Workflow Processes from In-Patient Hospital Admission to Discharge at Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center

Villaflores C., Improving Hospital Patient Satisfaction by Utilizing Volunteer Services, KP