MS Degree Program in Systems Engineering with Technical Focus in Cybersecurity

MS Degree Program in Systems Engineering with Technical Focus in Cybersecurity (MS SE+CY)

The MS SE+CY program focus offers a single, flexible track. The program focus is intended for those students who wish to learn the skills of systems engineering and apply them to cybersecurity applications. 

Admission Requirements

All applicants must submit:

  • Application to Graduate Admissions and a $50 application fee. To apply online, visit
  • A transcript documenting the Bachelor's degree in computer science or related discipline from an ABET accredited program with a GPA of 3.0 or better
  • Three of more years of related work experience
  • Resume
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Essay discussing how the MS SE+CY fits into applicant's career development

Promising applicants who do not satisfy these requirements may be considered for conditional admission and, when so admitted, must demonstrate satisfactory performance during their first year in the program.

Graduation Requirements

11 following courses are required for graduation:

Systems Engineering core courses:

  • SELP 500 Systems Engineering 3 semester hours
  • SELP 510 Project Management 3 semester hours
  • SELP 520 Engineering Ethics and Communications 3 semester hours
  • SELP 530 Lean Thinking 3 semester hours
  • SELP 550 Systems Architecting 3 semester hours
  • SELP 640 Model Based Systems Engineering 3 semester hours
  • SELP 695 Systems Engineering Integrative Project/Thesis 3 TO 6 semester hours

Plus one (1) Systems Engineering Elective to be chosen from the following courses:

  • SELP 540 Systems Thinking 3 semester hours
  • SELP 560 Integration of Hybrid Hardware and Software Systems 3 semester hours
  • SELP 598 Special Studies 1 TO 3 semester hours
  • SELP 610 Advanced Program Leadership Management 3 semester hours
  • SELP 620 Quality 3 semester hours
  • SELP 630 Advanced Lean Management of Engineering Programs 3 semester hours
  • SELP 650 IT and Software Project Management for Systems Engineers 3 semester hours
  • SELP 660 Cyber Security 3 semester hours
  • SELP 668 Modeling and Analysis 3 semester hours
  • SELP 670 Spacecraft Design 3 semester hours
  • SELP 673 New Product Design and Development 3 semester hours
  • SELP 691 Systems Engineering Case Studies 3 semester hours
  • SELP 692 Systems Engineering Seminar 3 semester hours
  • SELP 699 Independent Studies 1 to 3 semester hours

Plus three following courses in Cybersecurity:

  • SELP 660 Introduction to Cybersecurity Concepts, Principles, & Practices
  • SELP 661: Cybersecurity Management and Governance for Enterprises
  • SELP 662: Principles and Practices for Secure Software Development


The overall minimum GPA required for graduation is 3.0. Students who receive a grade of less than "B" in any 500-level course or a grade of less than "C" in any 600-level course will not have the course count toward their degree.


The student completing successfully two courses each Fall and Spring semester, and taking summer courses will earn the MS degree in two years.

Registering into the courses is the student's responsibility. A student is expected to make reasonable progress toward the degrees to remain in good standing at the University. A full-time course load is considered to be two courses in the Fall and Spring semesters.