Seaver College Awards

Seaver College Awards

  • Rudinica Prize

    The Elizabeth and Michael Rudinica Prizes

    The Elizabeth and Michael Rudinica Endowed Prizes have been established through a gift to the Seaver College of Science and Engineering and are awarded annually to faculty in the Seaver College. There are two prizes: one for teaching and advising, and the other for student-faculty research. The purpose of the prizes is to encourage and reward excellence in teaching/advising and student-faculty research, and to recognize mentorship that enriches Seaver students’ academic experience.

    The Elizabeth and Michael Rudinica Prize for Teaching and Advising

    Recipients by Year

    2019       Jeff Sanny, Department of Physics

    2018       Raymond Toal, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 

    2017       John David (Dondi) Dionisio, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 

    2016       Matthew Siniawski, Department of Mechanical Engineering

    2015       Joseph Reichenberger, Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science

    2014       Barbara Marino, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

    2013       Jose Saez, Department of Civil Engineering

    2012       Edward Mosteig, Department of Mathematics

    2011       Jeremy McCallum, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

    2010       William Trott, Department of Civil Engineering

    2009       Thomas Zachariah, Department of Mathematics


    The Elizabeth and Michael Rudinica Prize for Student-Faculty Research
    Recipients by Year

    2019       Anna Bargagliotti, Department of Mathematics

    2018       Jonas Mureika, Department of Physics

    2017       Heather Tarleton, Department of Health and Human Sciences 

    2016       Jeremy Pal, Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science

    2015       Kam Dahlquist, Department of Biology

    2014       Philippa Drennan, Department of Biology

    2013       David Moffet, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

    2012       Martina Ramirez, Department of Biology

    2011       Hawley Almstedt, Department of Natural Science

  • Jerome J. Korth Award

    Jerome J. Korth Award

    The Jerome J. Korth Award is an academic honor presented annually to the graduating senior in the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering with the highest grade point average in the University’s core curriculum.

    The Jerome J. Korth Award
    Recipients by Year

    2018       Marisa Carino 


    2016       Stephanie Schuffels

    2015       Jennifer Gonzalez

    2014       Zily Burstein

    2013       Vivian Okonta

    2012       Heather Carmody

    2011       Joseph Santamaria

    2009       Isabel F. Arrastia

    2008       Wesley Citti

    2007       Erica Scott

    2006       Karen Alderfer

    2005       Daniel Judnick

    2004       Angela McGuire

    2003       Chelan Malmberg

    2002       Joseph Giliberto

    2001       Aimee Sisson

    2000       David Berube

    1999       Anthony Baucum II

    1998       Julie Tubbs

    1997       Daniel Chavira

    1996       Christina Chen

    1995       Justin Dominick

    1994       Kevin Murphy

    1993       Dolores Perez

    1992       Eric J. Troyan

    1991       John-David Dionisio

    1991       Alfred L. Fisher

    1990       Susana Hermosillo






























  • Jerome K. Doolan Award

    Jerome K. Doolan Award

    The gift of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome K. Doolan, the Doolan Award is reserved for the all-around, most deserving, graduating senior engineer. The recipient is chosen based on his or her remarkable scholarship, participation in student activities and clear promise of future success in his or her chosen profession.

    The Jerome K. Doolan Award
    Recipients by Year

    2018        Madeline Wiegel 

    2017       Cassandra Nickles

    2016       Jonathan Kaneshiro

    2015       Simone Evett 

    2014       Sergio Gonzalez

    2013       Holly Maag

    2012       Andrea Sanny

    2011       Katherine Belluomini

    2010       Brandon Sorbom

    2009       Anh P. Nguyen

    2008       Jonathan Macneil

    2007       Maile Aiu

    2006       Rajveer Tut

    2005       Daniel Judnick

    2004       Scott Haluck

    2003       Laura Dipalermo

    2002       Benjamin Roope

    2001       Matt Trinca

    2001       Amanda Shellenberger

    2000       Mark Hinton

    1999       Michael Alvarez

    1998       Dorota Bytnerowicz

    1997       Mary Toal

    1996       Robert LeMoine

    1995       Adam Taol

    1994       German Scipioni

    1993       Joseph Houghton

    1992       Khaled Zakharia

    1991       Fritz Reinman

    1990       Gerry Cacnio

    1989       Ralph Wood

    1988       Steven J. Luis

    1987       Carrie E. Phelan

    1987       Brian J. Girvin

    1986       Daniel J. Boyer

    1985       Elisa Ventura

    1985       Michael Whalen

    1984       Patrick B. Cooke

    1983       Patrice Louie

    1982       Tomas Guerra

    1981       Charles B. Turhollow

    1980       Phyllis Ann Babinsky

    1979       Alfredo Franco Ayuyao

    1978       Javier Weckmann

    1977       Ronald Akau

    1976       Lauren Zeise

    1975       Philip Bai Kien Yao

    1974       Robert W. Prindle

    1973       Gary Joseph Rafferty

    1972       James Marvie Hamilton

    1971       Arnold Frederic McKinley

    1970       Leonard William Lion

    1969       Raymond James Turner

    1968       James Bernard Lee

    1967       Roger T. Haug

    1966       Dennis R. Kasper

    1965       Frank J. Robl

    1964       John A. Brenner

    1963       John D. Bastian

    1962       Timothy G. Shea

    1961       Joseph E. Bear

    1960       Paul A. Schulte

    1959       Anothy F. Lillie

    1958       Steven C. Kovely

    1957       Donald B. Hunn

    1956       Conrad B. Esser

    1955       Fljegle M. Walters