John Kaufman

John Kaufman

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Department of Biology

Life Sciences Building 101

John Kaufman is basically the office manager for the Biology Department. He handles the department’s finances, including balancing the budget and ordering supplies for the faculty and staff. He is also responsible for keeping our students informed of upcoming events, seminars and other relevant information as well. John is also the main contact person for prospective LMU Biology students and their parents. If you are a prospective student or parent who is interested in learning more about majoring in biology here at LMU, please don’t hesitate to call or email John!

John has worked at LMU for four years, the last three of which have been for the Biology Department. He is currently serving on the Seaver College Staff Engagement Committee.

John’s hobbies include being a huge sports fan (especially football), playing chess, playing poker, listening to music and going to concerts, reading books, and anything astronomy or physics related.

Fun fact: John is a big movie fan. He can name all 88 Best Picture Oscar winners.