Laura Eklund

Laura Eklund

Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Dean
Pereira 100 G

Laura Eklund is an Administrative Coordinator in the Office of the Dean. Laura previously worked as the Administrative Coordinator for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry from 2001 until 2019. Laura likes helping students, and hopes that their career paths will not be as circuitous as hers:

After high school, Laura started out as a math major at UCSD (with the goal of working in astronomy), but the causes of the 1960s lured her away from that path, and she ended up with a B.A. in psychology from UCLA, and worked a decade for the L.A. County Department of Public Social Services. Then, feeling unfulfilled, she made an abrupt career change. Going back to her original goal, Laura got a job as the first female telescope operator at Mount Wilson Observatory, where she worked for two decades on a project looking for sunspot-like cycles on other stars. When the grant for that job ended, she wanted to work for scientists at a university, and LMU was only two miles away from her home.

Laura's passions include learning, science, history, music, and watching figure skating.

Fun fact: Watch Laura being interviewed on a bus after she learned that the bus line might be eliminated (search YouTube for "Metro 439").