Sarah Dickson

Daum Hall 

(310) 338-1747

Sarah Dickson is the new technology support specialist for Seaver College of Science and Engineering. She maintains the technology resources currently available to the faculty and students of the college, and works collaboratively with Michelle Yeung, the instructional technologist for Seaver, to implement creative solutions for future tech needs. 

While Sarah completed her BA in Geosciences at Smith College (Northampton, MA), she worked with Educational Technology Services on campus to support classrooms and event spaces. She is currently finishing her master’s thesis in Geosciences at California State University, Fullerton, and she is very excited to have the opportunity to support science and engineering research and education here at LMU. 

Sarah's personal interests include travel, video games, and dabbling in various creative technologies such as 3D modeling, web design, and digital art.