First-Year Learning Communities

Learning Communities

The Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering offers 4 unique Learning Communities for first-year science and engineering  students to immerse themselves in campus life alongside peers pursuing the same academic goals. Click the images below to learn more about our learning communities (ACCESS and Google's CSSI) and living-learning communities (LEAP and PEEC). In addition to these communities, there are other LMU communities you may want to explore (i.e. Honors CommunityTLC, First-to-Go); however, we highly recommend freshmen joining only one program. 

ACCESS (A Community Committed to Excellence in Scientific Scholarship)

The ACCESS program is designed for first-year students in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering. ACCESS provides students an opportunity for an all-expense paid, three-week residential program that focuses on academics and critical thinking in the sciences. Participation in the program will prepare students for academic excellence through collaborative engagement in scientific scholarship.

ACCESS 2015 Cohort at the beach

LEAP (Life Science Early Awareness Program)

The LEAP program is a living-learning community program for first-year students in the Life Sciences in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering.  The exclusive First Year Seminar course, along with the residential component, and other co-curricular experiences are designed to create a fully integrated learning experience and further the student’s interest and success in pursuing careers in the life sciences.

LEAP Students

PEEC (Program for an Engineering Education Community)

PEEC is a living learning community program for first-year freshman engineering students in the LMU Seaver College of Science and Engineering. The week before the beginning of fall semester, all students enrolled in PEEC participate in a pre-college experience to acquaint with one another, the PEEC faculty, LMU and the Los Angeles area. Participants also enroll in ENGR 100 (Fall) AND 198 (Spring), courses which provide an introduction to areas of study, highlight career opportunities, and assist in acquiring the skills and information necessary to succeed in engineering. PEEC students live in the living-learning community designated for them in Del Rey South.

PEEC Students

CSSI (Google's Computer Science Summer Institute Extension Program)

LMU has partnered with Google to pilot Google's Computer Science Summer Institute extension program for the incoming 2019 cohort during the summer of 2019. The Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) extension program is a 3-week on-campus summer experience for first-year students studying computer science and related STEM fields.

Google CSSI Logo