LMU students in the Life Sciences Building

Making the most out of your undergraduate academic program is more than just studying. Because of the very high admission standards successful candidates must achieve, it is important for pre-health professions students to be proactive in addressing any problem areas in their college life as early as possible. To that end, the Health Professions Advisory Committee strongly urges students to take advantage of the services LMU provides to all students.

  • There are multiple clubs on LMU's campus designed to expose pre-health students to opportunities for activities in the community, network with others who share similar interests, and expand social and academic networks.

    Alpha Epsilon Delta

    Alpha Epsilon Delta is "dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of excellence in pre-professional health scholarship, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary, and others". Our goal is to aid our members with the proper knowledge and tools to become the best future professional they can be. To do so, we present a breakdown of the application process for all pre-health tracks and host informative panels of available research opportunities, clinical exposure programs, service projects, and other outlets that will help our members find success in their respective fields. Most importantly, AED functions as a positive environment for our members to collaborate and share in their passion for the healthcare profession.

    Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta)

    Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) is the National Biological Honor Society for students, undergraduates in particular, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological studies, of all fields, and expanding the boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. We explore different fields of science (i.e. pre-med, pre-dent, marine biology, etc.), participate in LMUCLA Connection, host professor (and other guest speaker) seminars for students to attend, volunteer (i.e. at Sunrise Geriatric Facility, Playa Vista Elementary School, etc.), host the annual Chili cook-off on Darwin Day, tour the Aquarium of the Pacific behind-the-scenes, and have other awesome activities! Tri-Beta is a great place to get to know others interested in biology and live in the bio culture that we cultivate!

    Lions for Venice Family Clinic (VFC)

    Lions for Venice Family Clinic is a student run organization that creates opportunities for pre-health students to learn and give back to the community through volunteering at a local free clinic in Venice, California. As members of Lions for VFC, we strive to understand and participate in the fullness of the free clinic system that Venice Family Clinic provides. In the clinic, members volunteer as clinical assistants, helping patients have a comfortable and timely visit with their medical provider. Additionally, members participate in bi-weekly meetings which include discussion forums. These discussion forums serve as a way for students to think about healthcare issues and reflect on their volunteer experience.

    LMUCLA Connection

    The mission of LMUCLA Connection is to connect undergraduate students at Loyola Marymount University with medical students from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and facilitate the development of mentorship relationships. The connections provide learning opportunities to learn about the medical school curriculum, LMU student will learn how to become more competitive applicants to medical school. DGSOM medical students have the opportunity to share their experiences and support others in their journey to medicine. Additionally, medical students will have the chance to become leaders and be involved in the creation and implementation of events that will be mutually beneficial to both groups of students.

    Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)

    The mission of the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students is to unite pre-health students from diverse backgrounds to educate, empower, and explore opportunities for students to be competitive healthcare professional applicants. We strive to address issues of healthcare disparities through service and cultural competency. We work in partnership with our affiliated parent chapter, UCLA/Drew School of Medicine SNMA Chapter, in providing comprehensive student support through academic advisement, mentorship, personal development workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

    Operation Smile

    Operation Smile is a global nonprofit charity organization that sends doctors, dentists, and surgeon volunteers abroad to help with children's cleft lip and palate surgeries. This is one of the world's most common birth defects, but many families do not have the resources to afford a safe and thorough surgery. LMU's chapter of Operation Smile fund raises to support these procedures, raises awareness of the cause, and has multiple service and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Although anyone is welcome to join, many of our members are pre-dental or pre-health as they are interested in helping children overcome this defect and spread healthcare across the world.

    Pre-Dental Society

    LMU Pre-Dental Society allows prospective dental students to learn more about the field of dentistry through means of providing a supportive and informational environment as they embark on their journey through the application process. It will also provide a means of completing community service, providing important networking possibilities, and educating our members with current issues in the dental field far beyond LMU.

    Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental Post Baccalaureate Club

    The mission of this club is to foster a sense of community in the pre-medicine and pre-dental post-baccalaureate students. These students are career changers who represent a unique population at LMU with common goals and shared challenges. The purpose is to aid students socially, academically, professionally, and emotionally to become health professionals. Objectives: The objective is to discuss volunteer, internship, research, and clinical experience opportunities to become more competitive applicants to medical or dental school.

    Pre-Physician Assistant Club

    At LMU's Pre-Physician Assistant club, members learn about the PA profession, upcoming medical events and speakers, and ways to find experience opportunities in Los Angeles and beyond.