Beginning in the fall semester, the iSTEM – interdisciplinary Seaver Transition, Engagement and Mentoring – learning community dives right into the heart of why LMU’s Seaver College of Science and Engineering exists. The concept of interdisciplinary collaboration, how two or more academic fields converge to solve a problem and innovate new ideas, is foundational to our college and at the core of iSTEM. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, we provide our students with an education of sufficient scope to enable them to make significant contributions to the solutions of problems confronting humankind. This community is designed for first year students majoring in science, engineering, or mathematics. All first-year students will automatically be a part of the iSTEM community and invited to college-wide events. There are no additional costs associated with this program.

iSTEM activities are designed to help students make sense of their academic experiences through discussion and reflection to gain a greater awareness of the interconnectedness of the STEM fields and the university. Focus is on the interdisciplinary approaches to global challenges, exposure to real-world applications based on the scholarship of LMU faculty and community building among science and engineering peers.




    BIOL 190 Freshman Biology Seminar
    CHEM 190 World of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    CMSI 1900 Exploring Computer Science 
    ENGR 100 Intro to Engineering Analysis
    ENVS 190 Environmental Science Seminar
    HHSC 190 Medical Terminology and Seminar
    MATH 190 Workshop in Math I
    PHYS 1600 Optics and Thermodynamics
  • This virtual speaker series is a fun way to meet Seaver faculty and learn about their research and scholarship through very quick presentations and thematic discussions that are uniquely LMU.

    The 2022-23 Lightning Talks schedule is TBA.

  • This is an opportunity to meet Seaver students and learn about their internships and research experience. 

    Student Internship Panel
    Event details, TBA


    Student Research Panel
    Event details, TBA


  • Seaver Spotlight is the college’s signature speaker series that features distinguished leaders who share their experiences and career pathway as they seek to live a life of meaning and purpose.

"What I’ve gotten from LMU is a sense of community and family. It’s not just about learning in the classroom. It’s about how are you growing and learning as a person."

- Alicia Esquival

Civil Engineering Major




 "I really identify with the idea of educating the whole person. If I just concentrated on academics, I’d feel like I cheated myself out of so much."

- Nicholas Breceda

Mechanical Engineering Major