LEAP (Life Science Early Awareness Program) is a living-learning community program for first-year students in the Life Sciences in the Seaver College of Science and Engineering. Students majoring in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Health & Human Sciences, Environmental Science or Science Undecided are eligible to participate in LEAP. Enrolling in a science course together, along with the residential component, and other co-curricular experiences are designed to create a fully integrated learning experience and further the student's interest and success in pursuing careers in the life sciences. 

To be considered for participation, complete the LMU Housing application, in addition to a short application in the student portal Future Lions. Submit by May 19th for full consideration; all applicants will be notified before their June registration appointment. There is no program fee associated with being part of the LEAP learning community this fall.

LEAP will transition to a remote learning community for Fall 2020.

If you have any questions about participating in a living learning community, contact Dr. Sandra Luca at sluca@lmu.edu.

  • SCEM 190:  Exploring the Natural Sciences
    The SCEM 190 course offered in the fall will serve as an introduction to areas of study and career opportunities within the natural sciences.  It will also provide community members with the knowledge and skills essential to becoming successful students in the sciences at LMU.  The class sessions are highly interactive and designed to help community members plot a path for success at LMU. Additional program events will take place during the Spring Semester.

  • All students enrolled in LEAP will live on the same floor in Del Rey North, but not for fall 2020. LEAP will transition to a remote learning community for fall 2020. LEAP students will develop close relationships and experience a strong sense of community by participating in the various programs and activities offered throughout the year. They will learn together and from one another as they experience the challenging curriculum offered to students in the program.  The community is staffed with two resident advisers (RAs) who are past LEAP community members. They will also serve as excellent academic resources and mentors for those living in the community.

  • In the past, this pre-college program included trips to some of Los Angeles' well-known nature science centers and areas of ecological interest, such as the Griffith Observatory, California Science Center and the Aquarium of the Pacific. For fall 2020, LEAP will transition to a remote learning community. The community members will have an opportunity to form bonds and friendships to tackle the challenging, yet rewarding coursework that lies ahead. 

"Coming to college can be stressful, but LEAP is there to support you through the transition! Being able to have a group that I was a part of before classes even started gave me a head start on navigating my way through new friendships. These experiences allowed me to have a better transition into college and opened up a variety of opportunities throughout my college career."

- Amenah Awawdeh

LEAP Participant
Health and Human Sciences Major

"Not only have I learned a lot of new academic information, but I’ve learned a lot about myself. LMU has come to feel much more like a home-away-from-home than I ever expected."

- Emmett Barnes

LEAP Participant
Biochemistry Major