PEEC (Program for an Engineering Education Community) is a living learning community program for first-year engineering and computer science students. Students majoring in Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Undecided are eligible to participate in PEEC. Enrolling in a 1-unit seminar together, along with the residential component, and other co-curricular experiences are designed to create a fully integrated learning experience and further the student's interest and success in pursuing careers in engineering and computer science. 

The 2022-2023 PEEC application will be available on the LLC portion of the LMU Housing application. All applicants will be notified in mid-May via their LMU email account to confirm their spot. 

If you have any questions about participating in a living-learning community, contact the Center for Student Success at






Elements of the PEEC Program

ENGR 198: Exploring Engineering and Computer Science
The ENGR 198 course offered in the fall will provide PEEC community members with the knowledge and skills essential to becoming successful students in engineering and computer science at LMU. The class sessions are highly interactive and designed to help community members plot a path for success at LMU.

PEEC Residence Hall Community
All students enrolled in PEEC will live on the same floor of a community residence hall. PEEC participants will move in early to their residences on Wednesday, August 24, 2022.

By living and taking classes together, community members will have an opportunity to form bonds and friendships to tackle the challenging, yet rewarding coursework that lies ahead. All co-curricular activities related to PEEC will be subject to local health authority guidelines.

Los Angeles Experience
Past excursions included trips to some of Los Angeles' well-known sites like, Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL), SpaceX, etc. All co-curricular programs will be subject to local health authority guidelines.

A headshot of Emma Lee

"PEEC gave me access to an incredible network of faculty and students to support me in all aspects during my first year and beyond. Through the program, I was able to explore a wide range of topics within engineering that expanded my appreciation for the field and aided me greatly in finding what I wanted to pursue. I am extremely grateful for my PEEC experience for giving me a holistic engineering experience as well as the opportunities and friendships that have resulted from it.”

- Emma Lee
Electrical Engineering

"Through the various excursions in Los Angeles, I quickly became close with the all of the other PEEC students. PEEC challenged me to become fully immersed in many different engineering organizations and communities on campus. It was through these connections that I decided to study abroad during the fall of my second year in Bonn, Germany. The opportunity heightened my interested and experience as a civil engineering student."

- Nicholas Neveu
Civil Engineering