PEEC (Program for an Engineering Education Community) is a living learning community program for first-year freshman engineering students in the LMU Seaver College of Science and Engineering. Students majoring in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Undecided are eligible to participate in PEEC.

To be considered for participation, complete the LMU Housing application, in addition to a short application in the student portal Future Lions. Submit by May 19th for full consideration; all applicants will be notified before their June registration appointment. There is no program fee associated with being part of the PEEC learning community this fall.


PEEC will transition to a remote learning community for Fall 2020.

If you have any questions about participating in a living learning community, contact Dr. Sandra Luca at






    1. Reside in the PEEC Learning Community in Del Rey South. Dedicate your time to the PEEC community’s study, service, and social activities. PEEC will transition to a remote learning community for fall 2020, and all activities will be modified accordingly. 
    2. Participate in the PEEC Los Angeles Experience. In the past these activities have included the following engineering sites: Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), LA Metro Transportation, Disney Youth Education Series program for Physics, Port of Los Angeles, and WISH Charter School. This will be modified for fall 2020 to align with the transition to a remote learning community. 
    3. Enroll in ENGR 100 and ENGR 198 courses during the fall semester.


  • The ENGR 100 and 198 courses hold the objective to provide PEEC students with the required insight and tools to succeed in engineering. A key element of the ENGR 100 course is a community-based service project, where teams of students plan, design, build and analyze a beneficial project in collaboration with non-profit outreach oriented agencies in the Los Angeles area. In addition, the two courses provide an introduction to areas of study, highlight career opportunities, and assist in acquiring the skills and information necessary to succeed in engineering. 

  • PEEC students live in the living-learning community designated for them in Del Rey South, but not for fall 2020. PEEC will transition to a remote learning community for fall 2020. Living in the community fosters a positive and supportive environment to help students learn together and from one another, as they experience the challenging integrated coursework specifically designed for them. The community is staffed with two resident advisors (RAs) who are also engineering students. They are responsible for building community on the floor and planning activities and programs for the students throughout the academic year. They also accompany the students on the “Explore Los Angeles” trips and are available as an academic resource.

"My freshman year, thanks to PEEC, I was able to join Engineering for Humanity. There I found that I was able to combine my passion for service with engineering. Because of PEEC I was able to gain confidence to grow in the leadership of the club and eventually continue its mission alongside with my friends that I met in PEEC.”

- Dario Gutierrez

PEEC Participant
Mechanical Engineering Major

"Through the various excursions in Los Angeles, I quickly became close with the all of the other PEEC students. PEEC challenged me to become fully immersed in many different engineering organizations and communities on campus. It was through these connections that I decided to study abroad during the fall of my second year in Bonn, Germany. The opportunity heightened my interested and experience as a civil engineering student."

- Nicholas Neveu

PEEC Participant
Civil Engineering Major