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Council for Industry Partnerships - CIP

The Council for Industry Partnerships, or CIP, serves to inspire and empower CEES students to advance the LMU legacy by becoming successful professionals and passionate leaders.


The undergraduate laboratories in the College are truly excellent and well equipped. The laboratories available to Civil Engineers include the Design Center, the Civil Engineering Computer Center, the Structures Laboratory, Soils Laboratory, Environmental Engineering Laboratory, the Concrete Laboratory and the Fluids Laboratory. The College laboratories are supported by a machine shop and a technical support staff.


LMU computer facilities are exceptional. All LMU students have access to the campus-wide network that includes Internet access, general and technical software. Each College within LMU and each Department within the College of Science and Engineering has separate computer facilities. A separate local area network is available to Civil Engineering students.

Employment Opportunities for Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers find employment with:

  • Federal and State governmental Agencies (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency, State Highway Departments, Water and Natural Resource Departments)
  • Local government such as county and city public works and engineering departments, water, sanitation and other special districts; bridge and harbor authorities
  • Private consulting firms
  • Education
  • Architectural and engineering firms
  • Land developers
  • Large corporations (oil refining, chemical manufacturing, merchandising, aerospace, general manufacturing)
  • Construction contractors and construction management firms