Are our majors for you?

We encourage you to strongly consider joining our department if more than one of the following is true. You:

  • want one of the top highest-earning college degrees according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers
  • are considering a career in mathematics, law, medicine, finance, national security, urban planning, data analysis, computer graphics and animation, or teaching (among many others!)
  • are curious about the mathematics behind how Google ranks its pages, Netflix makes its suggestions, or Pixar animates the motion of cloth, smoke, or even hair
  • are curious about the mathematics involved in analyzing dosage strategies for chemotherapy, mobilizing police forces, or modeling traffic flow
  • enjoy explaining mathematics homework solutions to your friends and/or siblings
  • have ever wondered if there’s a version of the Quadratic Formula for polynomials of degrees other than 2
  • want to understand why .999… = 1
  • like solving puzzles such as Sudoku, KenKen, the Rubik’s Cube, and 1024
  • are intrigued by the Birthday Problem, the Prisoner’s Dilemma, the Monty Hall Problem or Benford’s Law
  • enjoy thinking about what equation this image depicts:

  • want to know the next item in the sequence: W, A, J, M, M, … (for a hint, e-mail!)


What can you do with a math major?

The three LMU math programs prepare students for a wide range of mathematical careers in industry, business, government and teaching, as well as for admission to graduate programs or professional schools.  Recent LMU mathematics alumni have:

  • pursued advanced degrees in mathematics, financial mathematics, statistics, economics, computer science, public health, psychology, and epidemiology
  • attended law and medical school
  • become educators (middle school, high school, community college, 4-year colleges/universities)
  • been hired by the Federal Reserve Board, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Raytheon, Northrup-Grumman, Google, Cisco Systems, JPL, and Mercer Consulting, among others