Student Research/MS Capstone Projects

List of Master of Science Capstone Projects performed in the LMU HSE Program.  All projects were performed in actual healthcare institutions.  The Projects are grouped into the following themes:


Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring

Palliative Care



Emergency Departments


Infertility and Surrogacy

Mental/Behavioral Health

Clinical Laboratories

Population Health

Single Payer Systems



Aguilera, I., Strategies to Improve AltaMed’s Rate of COVID-19 Testing & Test Result Acquisition System, 2021

Hassan, K., Improving The Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Fairfax Site’s Covid-19 Vaccination Process, 2021

Scaltrito, A., Video Visit Implementation to Bridge Care Gaps in Preventive and Chronic Care of Medicare Patients Resulting from COVID-19, KPWLA, 2021

Hennessey, C., Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 and Health Crises of the Future at Planet Fitness Health Clubs, 2020

Ramirez, D., Lessons Learned From How Various Countries Approached The COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020


Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring

Velasquez, A., Home-Use Devices for Telehealth Visits, AltaMed, 2021

Armas, M., Optimizing Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring in an Era of Scarce Resources, KPWLA, 2021

Albiar, A., Increasing Utilization of the Remote Glucose Monitoring Program at KPWLA, 2020

Paras P., Leveraging Technology To Improve Instant Telemedicine Between Facilities, 2018


Palliative Care

Bassas, N., Improving Outpatient Palliative Care Process by Decreasing Fragmentation and Increasing Patient Connectivity at KPOC, 2021



Clark, M., Improve Patient Experience and the Well-being of Staff and Surgical Residents in the LAC+USC MIS Clinic, 2020

Bautista, L., Improving Timely Access for Hernia Consults in The LAC+USC MIS Clinic
De Leon, M., Streamlining Patient Scheduling for Kaiser Permanente OC Infusion Center, 2021

Speicher, S., Integrative Care Model for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer Using System Engineering, 2020

Hassel, D., Improving Peritoneal Dialysis Care Procedures at Kaiser Permanente - Anaheim Medical Center, 2021

Bou-Holaigah, H., Improve the efficiency of rounds to Reduce the risk of Resident Burnout at the Keck USC Surgical ICU, 2020

Fuster, J., Patient booking solutions in the KPOC Neurology Department, 2021

Garcia, C., Post Discharge Clinic: Improving Appointment Relay Time at RMG, 2021

Infantino, N., Improving Instrument Processing for KPA Woman’s Health Services, 2021

Hsia, T., KP Flu Service Representative Training, KP WLA, 2020

Dau, V., Streamlining Patient Flow Using Systems Engineering and Lean Thinking at Kaiser Permanente Harbor MacArthur Urgent Care, 2019 

Renaud, M., CC Animal Shelter: Optimizing Patient Flow and Improving Patient Wellness, 2019 

Lee, S., Sexually Transmitted Infections Nurse Clinic at Kaiser Permanente, 2019

Oteba, T., Los Angeles Air Force Base clinic referral fragmentation, 2019

McLamb, C., Closed Loop Systems for New Members with Suspicion of Cancer, 2019

Scott, N., Individualization of Injury Prevention for Volleyball Players compared to Baseball Pitchers, with Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit, 2019 

Gonzales A., A New Application for Improving Care of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder – Data Integration, 2018

Hatamifar A., Kaiser Permanente – Home Care Services: The Integrated Care Center (ICC), 2018

Islas N., Improving Optical Capture Rate of Vision Essentials By Kaiser Permanente At The Tustin Ranch Medical Office, 2018

Tamjidi, F., Kaiser Permanente Orange County: Complex Case Management, 2018

Croul A., Optimizing Patient Throughput in Kaiser Permanente’s Fast Track: An Urgent Care Pathway, 2017



Johnson, G., Streamlining Flow Through The PACU at Keck Hospital of USC, 2021

Kelly, A., Reducing Alarm Fatigue at UCLA Health, 2021

Schlunegger, K., Improving Care Experience - Cleanliness Scores for Admitted Patients at KPSB, 2021

Cabading, C., Optimizing the Sepsis Identification Process at Providence - St. John’s Health Center, 2021

Golden, A., Improve Efficiency of the discharge process in the LAC+USC County Burn Unit, 2020

Cummings, K., Care transitions from Hospital to Skilled Nursing Facilities, KP Irvine, 2020

Enoghase, M., Improving Transfusion Practices for Red Blood Cells at Southern California Hospital at Culver City, 2020

Joaquin, M., Nurse Hiring Process, GVA, 2020

Moweta, N., Improve the dressing change process to improve the Patient Experience and the Well-being of Staff and Surgical Residents in the LAC+USC Burn Unit, 2020

Dea, M., Provider Burnout, 2019

Detamore, J., Improving Endoscope Reprocessing in the Head & Neck Department at Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles, 2019 

Lopez, G., Integration of Simultaneous Interpretation at Family Center Bedside Rounds, 2019

Baluyot D., Cedars-Sinai Medical Network Auto-Approval Rates Improvement Project – Phase I, 2018

Thomas N., Re-Engineering The Hospital Discharge Process to Reduce the Discharge Process Time, 2018

Liu H., Secure Text Messaging: Improving Care and Changing Behavior [KP], 2017

Olufson E., Linen Management Project in In-Patient Hospital, KP WLA, 2017

Pouya P., Fighting the Medical Alarm Fatigue, A Systems Engineering Perspective, 2017

Wyllie K., Streamlining Workflow Processes from In-Patient Hospital Admission to Discharge at Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Medical Center, 2017

Villaflores C., Improving Hospital Patient Satisfaction by Utilizing Volunteer Services, KP, 2017


Emergency Departments

Christian-Levy, H., Streamlining Mission Hospital’s Pediatric Patients Transport From Ed To Inpatient Unit, Providence St. Joseph, 2021

Lin, K., Telestroke Care Delivery, Improving Door-to-Needle Time for Acute Ischemic Stroke in an Emergency Setting at KPOCan, 2021

Willover, H., Streamlining Mission Hospital’s Pediatric Patients Transport From Ed To Inpatient Unit, 2021

Collins N., Emergency Department Disaster Plan Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles, 2018

Lopatto J., Improving Turnaround Times for Electrolyte and Troponin Samples from the KPSB Emergency Department, 2017

Sarni L., Kaiser Permanente Anaheim ED; Improving Patient Flow Using Systems Engineering and Lean Thinking, 2017



Pham, K., Ticketing Prioritization Using LEAN and Machine Learning, 2021

Doan, S., Converting Pulmonary Lab to Electronic Workflow, MemorialCare, 2021


Infertility and Surrogacy

Qian, M. Initial Steps of International Fertility Tourism, 2021

Gonzalez, D., How IVF Clinics Interact with Intended Parents Utilizing an Egg Donor and/or Surrogate, 2021

Johnson, C., Laws and Regulations of a Surrogacy and Egg Donation: Cross-State and Global Journeys, 2021


Mental/Behavioral Health

Spears, C., Adjacent Services for Intended Parent Journeys: Mental Health and Legal Services. 2021

Ward, K., Streamlining Entry into Mental Health Service, KP NC, 2021

Ho M., A New Application for Improving Care of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder – Parent User Interface, 2018


Clinical Laboratories

Edora C.D., Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) – Connectivity Challenges and Enablers, 2016

Medina P., L., Improving Value In Ova And Parasite Testing, Challenges and Lean Enablers, 2016

Militante C., Streamlining Emergency Department Flow, Challenges and Enablers, 2016

Usher G., Minimizing Waste in a Serum Protein Electrophoresis Workflow, Varela A., Specimen Processing, Challenges and Enablers, 2016

Bueno O., Just in time processing of urine cultures, [Bacteriology Lab], 2015

Chan L. Processing & Delivering “Test Ready” Samples to the Regional Laboratory’s Testing Departments, 2016

Dizon V., Tabata C., Waste Reduction in Automated Chemistry Lab System Thru Standardization and Lean Thinking, 2016

Frazier L.S., Lean Improvements in Chlamydia/GC Testing, 2016

Javier J., Lumampao, G., Punu C., Waste Reduction in an Inter-Dependent (Clinical Sample) System Through Standardization and Lean Methods, 2016

Moradian M. Testing Optimization of Molecular Oncology Assays, 2016

Tiffert M., Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Optimization for Bone Marrow Specimens, 2016


Population Health

Kurnia, G., Improving Outreach Outcome for Diabetes Patients Through Better Accessibility, 2020

Mayes-Barnes, D., Flu Disparities between AA and White Population, KP WLA, 2020

Sengal, N., Flu Disparities between AA and White Population, KP WLA, 2020

Squarcia, K., Improving Adolescent HPV Vaccination Rates at KP WLA, 2020

Trefzger, C., Improving A1c Levels Among the Diabetic Population at KP WLA, 2020

Martinez, D., Super Saturday Class for Bilingual Latinos with Uncontrolled Diabetes , 2019

McGuire M., Health Coaching, 2018

Moon P., HEDIS – Improving Patient Outreach, 2018

Murillo A., Increasing the Use of MyCSLink Patient Portal, 2018

Newlin D., Nornes T., Kaiser Permanente Primary Care Model Improvement Pilot – Hypertension, 2018


Single Payer Systems

Hoying, C., Improving the Implementation of Single-payer Healthcare in CA Using Principles of Systems Engineering, 2019