What is Systems Engineering and What is Healthcare Systems Engineering?

Systems Engineering (SE) is a body of knowledge that originated in aerospace industry to assure perfect integration and performance of complex multidisciplinary systems. It is a perfect body of knowledge to come to the aid of the highly fragmented, dynamically evolving and highly complex multidisciplinary healthcare systems.

Healthcare Systems Engineering (HSE) is the application of SE to Healthcare Systems.   It is mostly a non-mathematical body of knowledge, although some courses use statistics, modeling and simulations, and informatics. HSE provides systems-based solutions and helps manage projects that address healthcare problems in a broad range of areas, including:

  • Patient Safety Systems
  • Powerful systems-enhanced Lean streamlining of operations reducing waste, cutting cost, giving providers more time for patient, improving quality and work environment, teamwork and fulfillment in all clinical areas: clinics, hospitals, emergency departments, operating suites, pharmacies, radiology laboratories, clinical laboratories, supply chain, and their administration.
  • Integration of fragmented healthcare elements into patient-focused systems with redundant safety protections, assuring functioning human, hardware and software interfaces.
  • Integration of providers, patients, staff, IT, medical devices, processes and payers.
  • Optimization of population health, telemedicine and home care.
  • Reduction of errors and accidents in increasingly complex clinical environments. 
  • Electronic records and healthcare enterprise informatics
  • Simulations and modeling of operations and economic analysis
  • Optimization of medical transportation systems
  • Equity and Diversity in Healthcare
  • Big data analytics.
  • And numerous others.