Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program

Mechanical Engineering classroom

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

 The Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program at Loyola Marymount University serves engineers desiring to advance their careers by providing a modern, professionally rigorous and conveniently administered educational program. The graduate program degrees include:

  • The Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.) degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • A combined Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.) degrees in Mechanical Engineering (available only for senior mechanical engineering undergraduates students at Loyola Marymount University).

The department prides itself on making a special effort to offer flexible course sequences and time schedules with convenient evening classes in order to make studies possible for both a full-time working engineer and a full-time student. The program places a strong emphasis on industrial relevance. The faculty have extensive industrial experience and include individuals with worldwide reputations in their fields.

One of the strengths of the mechanical engineering graduate program is our synergy with the Systems Engineering Leadership Program (SELP) and the Loyola Marymount University MBA Program. Graduate mechanical engineering students can take elective courses from the SELP program and courses cross-listed with the MBA program, enhancing their understanding of technical program and business management.


Rafiq Noorani, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Director

  • Admission Requirements

    All applicants must possess a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or an undergraduate engineering degree, which shall include at least: 

    • 3 semester hours (1 course) of general chemistry
    • Mathematics courses through differential equations
    • A total of 12 semester hours (4 courses) of science, which could include biology, chemistry, or physics
    • A completed application form and $50 application fee (completed online at the Loyola Marymount University Graduate Division)

    Admission into the program is in strict conformity with the requirements for all graduate students set forth by the LMU Graduate Division.  Upon review of the student’s undergraduate and professional preparation, additional admission requirements may be set by the Mechanical Engineering Department.

    Students applying for the combined B.S./M.S. degrees must apply in the fall semester of their senior year, indicating the “Combined B.S. and M.S.” on their application form.

  • Degree Requirements
    • Complete MECH 504, Engineering Mathematics
    • Complete 27 semester hours (9 courses) from MECH 500 and 600 level courses
    • At least 12 semester hours must be at the 600 level
    • A maximum of one elective course in another engineering department may be taken with the consent of the Graduate Program Director. The Thesis Option (MECH 686) may be chosen to satisfy up to 6 semester hours of these elective course requirements (see below).
    • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (“B”) for all coursework
    • A maximum of four courses (12 semester hours) may be taken in any given semester
  • Combined B.S./M.S. Degree Requirements

    Only LMU Seniors in Mechanical Engineering with a GPA of 3.0 or greater are eligible to apply for the combined degree program. The student must apply for admission before the end of the Fall semester of the senior year. The candidate for the Combined B.S./M.S. in Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering must satisfy the following requirements:

    • Students may count one 500-level class from their undergraduate degree towards their masters degree.
    • In addition to the undergraduate B.S. degree requirements, an admitted student must enroll in one additional 500-level mechanical engineering course during the Spring semester of the senior year.
    • The student should take two 500- or 600-level course during Summer Session immediately following the senior year. At least three courses per semester are typically taken during the first year of the program.
    • Complete MECH 504 Engineering Mathematics.
    • Complete 3 semester hours of the research project course (MECH 685), typically during the fall semester. The student must obtain a project advisor before the Graduate Director will grant consent. Formal requirements must be obtained from the Graduate Program Director. The project normally takes two semesters to complete.
    • The student cannot enroll in the Thesis Option or retake any 500-level courses already completed from the undergraduate degree.
  • Research Project Requirements (MECH 685)

    Students admitted into the combined B.S./M.S. degree program must complete 3 semester hours of the research project course (MECH 685) in order to fulfill the elective course requirements.  For combined B.S./M.S. students, please contact Prof. Noorani for research project requirements.

  • Thesis Option

    The mechanical engineering graduate program offers an M.S. degree with both a Thesis or non-thesis option. For students interested in pursuing an M.S. Thesis, please contact Prof. Noorani.

  • Program Education Objectives

    The Mechanical Engineering graduate program has established the following program educational objectives. Graduates of the program will:

    • Advance in their professional careers and pursue continuous learning in areas relevant to their long-term goals;
    • Demonstrate competency and leadership in professional activities such as research and industrial project management;
    • Be capable of working effectively in cross-functional teams, communicating effectively, and participating in the practice of mechanical engineering; and
    • Contribute to professional societies and demonstrate ethical conduct