Admission Requirements for a 1-year Master's Degree

Google CSSI TA helping a student

The 4+1 degree option allows LMU undergraduate students in Computer Science to complete a master's degree in one year; after conferral of their bachelor's degree. LMU undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the combined degree program if they apply and are enrolled in their second semester of junior or during their senior year with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

The candidate for the combined BS/MS degree in Computer Science must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Undergraduate senior year; 4+1 course requirements
    • Complete one (1) CMSI 500-level course that counts towards the MS degree requirements
    • Complete an additional CMSI 500-level course in their Spring semester that will only count towards the MS degree requirements
    • Thesis option decisions must be made before the end of Spring semester (with consent from the academic advisor and graduate program director)
    • Any 500 level courses completed for their bachelor's degree cannot be retaken for master's degree course credit
  • Graduate degree 4+1 course requirements
    • Summer semester - complete two (2) 500 or 600 level courses
    • Fall semester - completeCMSI-583 Theory of Computation and two (2) CMSI 500 or 600 level courses
    • Spring semester - completeCMSI-585 Programming Languages, CMSI-601 Graduate Seminar, and one (1) CMSI 500 or 600 level course