Machine Learning (ML)

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This certificate program aims at developing skills and understanding for the development of new technologies that take advantage of Machine Learning. Students will first be introduced to the foundational mathematics of Machine Learning and the programming languages for the implementation of these mathematical concepts. Students will then further advance their understanding and programming skills for supervised machine learning. The last course will cover deep learning and the development of a final product in which all programming skills of previous courses will be applied.

  • Admission Requirements
    • B.S. degree or higher in any engineering discipline or consent of the program director
    • Proficiency in Mathematics through differential and integral calculus
    • Basic programming (e.g., Matlab, C, C++, Java, Python)


    To start the application process, please fill out the Graduate Admissions Application.

  • Completion Requirements

    To obtain a certificate, students must complete the required courses with a 3.0 grade point average or better.

    • ELEC 533 – Data Science for Machine Learning (Fall 2019)
    • ELEC 535 – Machine Learning (Spring 2020)
    • ELEC 634 – Deep Learning Applications (Summer 2020)