Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is very broad in scope and is pertinent to a variety of engineering activities and products, such as transportation vehicles, energy generation, machine mechanisms, manufacturing systems, structures and processing plants. The mechanical engineering program provides a solid foundation for work in all of these fields.


“Engineers turn their dreams into reality.”
“Get out of your comfort zone - it helps you to build confidence.”
For their senior project, four mechanical engineering majors developed a standing device for a special needs boy.
Seaver team wins regional student engineering design contest with remote-controlled robot capable of delivering materials and negotiating obstacles.
During a recent campus talk, SpaceX’s Tom Mueller advised students to pursue what they love and have a positive attitude as they embark on their careers.
Malin teamed up with L.A. architect John Lautner in the early ‘60s to build a unique home that looked straight out of the future. And it still does.