Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical engineering is very broad in scope and is pertinent to a variety of engineering activities and products, such as transportation vehicles, energy generation, machine mechanisms, manufacturing systems, structures and processing plants. The mechanical engineering program provides a solid foundation for work in all of these fields.

The flexible and modern curriculum covers contemporary technology as well as the fundamentals for future technologies. Engineering design is a major emphasis of the curriculum and students work on various aspects of the design process throughout, culminating in a comprehensive capstone design project. Modern, well-equipped research laboratories support the curriculum. These laboratories include: computer-aided design and engineering, manufacturing, materials science and processing, rapid prototyping, renewable energy, robotics, solid mechanics, thermal and fluid systems and tribology.



The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department is to provide a high quality, practice-oriented, design-focused curriculum that prepares students for both graduate studies and leadership roles in industry.


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