Frank R. Seaver College of
Science and Engineering
Loyola Marymount University
Seaver College of Science and Engineering offers a rigorous academic experience to ambitious students committed to lives of meaning and purpose. We welcome you.
Seaver Profiles
Sarah Yoseph '16
“Don’t settle; go beyond expectations others might set for you.”
Sean Cunniff '16
"One of the things I like about LMU is that I get individual focus."
Katherine Wikholm '15
“I grew not only in academics, but in myself as well.”
Kevin Kamar '16
"I love the university. It’s the perfect size to form relationships."
Seaver Highlights
Students Engineer Canal for Tijuana Community
Amazon Sponsors LMU Hackathon
Gaining Hands-On Experience During Time Off
Could Mold Help with LA Transit Problems?
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"What really grows in students is their enthusiasm for learning. You can see it in their eyes. As an instructor, you’re not telling them everything. You’re letting them discover it for themselves. That’s what’s really rewarding—seeing that enthusiasm."
- John Dorsey, Professor of Civil Engineering & Environmental Science