Human body xray

Health and Human Sciences

The Health and Human Sciences (HHSC) major provides students an opportunity to learn about the human body and health by combining classroom training with state-of-the-art hands-on laboratory experiences.  Students in the department of HHSC are interested in kinesiology, exercise science, understanding chronic disease, use of exercise and nutrition to promote health, or the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.  With the variety of class offerings, laboratory experiences, and internship opportunities, this major will prepare students for graduate studies in physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise science, nursing, physician assistant, public health, entry-level graduate programs in athletic training, and other health professions. 

HHSC student serving as EMT
HHSC Student serves as EMT during pandemic.
LaShyra Nolen
Alumna serves as Student Body President at Harvard Medical School.
Explore different research topics students can participate in
HHSC professor profile
New health and human sciences professor, Yong Woo An, will continue his research by analyzing the brain's role in injury recovery.
Man receiving physical training as part of the IMPACT program
The Improving Physical Activity After Cancer Treatment (IMPAACT) Study provides personal health education and supervised physical training to cancer survivors.
Student in Human Performance Lab
The Human Performance Lab provides the campus and local community with state-of–the-art research testing facilities for health, fitness, and performance testing.
Student participating in study of alcohol's effects on bone health
Collaborative study will investigate a possible link between decreased bone health and heavy, intermittent alcohol use in college-age adults.
Alumnus returns to the Health and Human Sciences Department Bringing Biology Connection with the Public Health Field.