Students of mathematics at LMU join a community of scholars consisting of faculty and other students, all of whom work interactively within the department. All Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, and Statistics and Data Science majors have tremendous flexibility in their future career options because of their ability to problem solve, construct logical arguments, think critically, analyze data, and clearly communicate complex ideas to others.

The math programs at LMU prepare students for a wide range of mathematical careers in industry, business, government and teaching, as well as for admission to graduate programs or professional schools.  Recent LMU mathematics alumni have:

  • pursued advanced degrees in mathematics, statistics, and data science, as well as financial mathematics, economics, computer science, public health, psychology, and epidemiology
  • attended law and medical school
  • become educators (middle school, high school, community college, 4-year colleges/universities)
  • been hired by the Federal Reserve Board, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Raytheon, Northrup-Grumman, Google, Cisco Systems, JPL, and Mercer Consulting, among others

Those students interested in pursuing a Master's degree in Teaching Mathematics can explore our M.A. degree program here.


Choose your own mathematics adventure — with several undergraduate majors and even a minor, students can tailor their LMU experience within our department. 


Our faculty are mentors who care about the whole-person education of our students. In addition to full-time academic professors, our faculty includes researchers who frequently publish and are actively practicing in the field.


Explore opportunities for enrolled students, from internships to research to study abroad. Our student mathematicians can also join a number of societies and groups to further their careers. 

As a biostatistician, Wang also provides statistical consultation on biomedical study designs and analysis, and has collaborated with ecologists to study climate change.
Mathematics major Jake Soldera ’24, spent his summer doing research mentored by Joshua Hallam, assistant professor of mathematics.
Professor of Mathematics Robin Wilson’s believes that “math literacy can be the key to unlocking the unlimited potential of disenfranchised communities."
Wanda Austin, Ph.D., former interim president of USC and former president and CEO of Aerospace Corporation addressed the LMU community at the Seaver Spotlight.
Professor and Chair of the Mathematics Department Lily Khadjavi was named the inaugural recipient of the Mary and Alfie Gray Award for Social Justice.
Kalo Abban, a Veteran of the United States Air Force, recently launched his post-grad career as an Engineering Test Technician at nearby Northrup Grumman Space Division.

Are our majors for you?

Mathematics and statistics are all around us. We encourage you to strongly consider joining our department if more than one of the following is true. You:

  • are curious about the mathematics behind how Google ranks its pages, Netflix makes its suggestions, or Pixar animates the motion of cloth, smoke, or even hair
  • are curious about the mathematics involved in analyzing dosage strategies for chemotherapy or modeling traffic flow
  • enjoy explaining mathematics to your friends and/or siblings
  • have ever wondered if there’s a version of the Quadratic Formula for polynomials of degrees other than 2
  • want to understand why .999… = 1
  • like solving puzzles such as Sudoku, KenKen, the Rubik’s Cube, and 1024
  • are intrigued by the Birthday Problem, the Prisoner’s Dilemma, the Monty Hall Problem or Benford’s Law

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