Chemistry & Biochemistry

The Department offers Bachelor of Science Degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry. The Staff includes 9 full time Ph.D. faculty, and 3 full time staff, who are committed to undergraduate teaching and research. In any 4 years there are from 55 to 75 students majoring in one of the two disciplines.

The Department is located in the Seaver Science Building. Over the past several years all laboratories have been remodeled to meet the requirements of modern instruction and research in the field of Chemistry. The Department just finished building three new laboratories for Organic Research, Instrumentation and Physical Chemistry. The Department has an extensive selection of modern instrumentation that is utilized in both undergraduate teaching labs as well as undergraduate research projects. Chemistry or Biochemistry majors benefit from small class and laboratory size, day to day personal contact with faculty and staff, and hands-on operation of chemical instrumentation.

The program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in the physical sciences, the health professions or any of the many fields which are unlocked by a degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry.


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