Biology Department

The Biology Department is committed to introducing students to the excitement of science, promoting collaborative and interdisciplinary learning and preparing students for their chosen career goals. We believe that students' participation in scientific research, both in the field and in the laboratory, and including subsequent data analysis and presentation of the results at conferences, can be a valuable part of an undergraduate education.

Brandon Klein
Jesuit mission resonates personally with student.
Jackie Galvez
Faculty mentored research pivotal in career path.
Explore different research topics students can participate in
An underwater scuba diver inspecting coral
New biology professor, Sarah Joy Bittick, is helping students translate science to help inform the public in decisions regarding marine conservation.
Cory Evans
New biology professor, Cory Evans, is providing students with the opportunity to conduct research as part of their classwork.
Maxellende Ezin
New biology professor, Maxellende “Max” Ezin will continue her years-long research in embryology while sharing her passion for biology with students at LMU.
Biology students stand in front of their research poster
Students and faculty collaborate on study of prehistoric fossils.
Mammoth statues outside of the La Brea Tar Pits
Biology department chair Wendy Binder and a team of intercollegiate researchers were awarded a three-year collaborative grant to study Late Pleistocene megafauna.