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Why Study Physics?

Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science.

Statistical Research Center

Current data on education and employment in physics, astronomy and allied fields, including full reports as well as individual graphs and tables.

Employment Data

Reports that provide the latest data on where physicists work and what they do throughout the economy and at different degree levels.


We encourage any student feeling a lack of sense of belonging in the physics community to reach out to their academic advisor for support.  In addition, the following links might be helpful:

Scholarships for Minority Physics Students (race and gender)

Mentoring for Minority Students in Physics (race)

National Minority Physics and STEM Student Groups (race)

Opinion: Why Race Matters in Physics Classrooms (race)

Opinion: Unique Perspectives Minority Physics Students Bring to the Classroom (race and gender)

Fulfilling the Academic Potential of Women in STEM (females in physics)

AIP Statistics on Women in Physics (females in physics)

APS Statistics on Women in Physics (females in physics)

Opinion: Women in Physics: Why and Why not (females in physics)

Opinion: Speak up about Subtle Sexism in Science (female physics/Stem)

Opinion: Societal Impacts of Female Interest in STEM (females in physics/Stem)

Out in Physics Movement (gender identity)

LGBT+Physicists (gender identity)

Out in STEM (gender identity)