Biology Department

The Biology Department is committed to introducing students to the excitement of science, promoting collaborative and interdisciplinary learning and preparing students for their chosen career goals. We believe that students' participation in scientific research, both in the field and in the laboratory, and including subsequent data analysis and presentation of the results at conferences, can be a valuable part of an undergraduate education.


“I grew not only in academics, but in myself as well.”
“I had some wonderful defining experiences at LMU.”
The $400,000-plus grant will allow Biology Professor Heather Watts to study the environment, behavior and endocrinology of a songbird known as the pine siskin.
Escobedo was one of 20 medical students nationwide recognized for scholastic achievement, leadership and personal commitment to helping eliminate health disparities.
Biology Professor Eric Strauss discusses how the area on LMU’s northwest border, a blend of built and unbuilt environments, makes for a suitable home to coyotes.
Students travel internationally to present their research, commemorate the martyrdom of Jesuit scholars and experience Salvadoran praxis.
Biology Professor Philippa Drennan describes what she has observed over decades of researching Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert.