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Student Resources

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For the Spring 2018 Semester:‌

          (Be sure to check Course Prerequisites found in the descriptions below.)

Fall 2017 Course Offerings:

S18 BIOL 102-General Biology II-Gasparyan, Rozar

S18 BIOL 112-General Biology II Lab-Willette, Lum, Ramirez

S18 BIOL 114-Biology for Engineers-Dorsey, Faculty 

S18 BIOL 202-Genetics-Fang, Fujishige, McElwain, Ramirez

S18 BIOL 272-Human Drug Use-Topalian

S18 BIOL 298-01-Medical Microbiology-Hertz

S18 BIOL 298-02-Medical Microbiology Lab-Hertz

S18 BIOL 298-03-Epidemics & Infectious Diseases-Hertz

S18 BIOL 311-Plant Interactions-Fang

S18 BIOL 321-Urban Ecology-Strauss

S18 BIOL 322-Urban Ecology Lab-Faculty

S18 BIOL 330-Embryology & Development-McElwain

S18 BIOL 356-Cell Biology-Gasparyan

S18 BIOL 359-Cell Biology Lab-Gasparyan

S18 BIOL 361-General Microbiology-Hertz

S18 BIOL 362-General Microbiology Lab-Birjandi

S18 BIOL 363-Microbial Genomics Lab-Lum

S18 BIOL 364-Cell Culture Lab-Birjandi

S18 BIOL 398-01-Biostatistical Analysis-Willette

S18 BIOL 398-03-Epidemiology-Shafir

S18 BIOL 422-Marine Biology & Lab-Rozar

S18 BIOL 437-Plant Development-Fujishige

S18 BIOL 438-Plant Development Lab-Fujishige

S18 BIOL 445-Endocrinology-Waggoner

S18 BIOL 450-Physiology of Disease-Waggoner

S18 BIOL 478-Molecular Biology of Genome-Dahlquist

S18 BIOL 585-Issues in Biotechnology-DahlquistS18 BIOL 585-Issues in Biotechnology-Dahlquist‌


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The biology faculty work closely with students to aid them and encourage them in their career decisions. LMU biology graduates have been highly successful in gaining admission to graduate programs and professional programs in the health sciences. A large number have gone on to successful careers in medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy and other professional fields.