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Why choose LMU?

Our program is geared for career changers who have an undergraduate degree in a major outside of the hard sciences. At the time of the interview, applicants will have an individual educational assessment that outlines the courses recommended for the program and the extracurricular activities needed to become the best possible applicant to medical or dental school. We provide small classes that are academically rigorous, allowing students to demonstrate that they can handle the heavy demands of professional school. Successful graduates of our program are granted a certificate of completion.

  • Program can be completed in as little as 14 months
  • *NEW - Merit based scholarships
  • *NEW - MCAT preparation
  • *NEW - Linkage agreement
  • Individualized advising
  • Small class sizes (14-19 in labs)
  • State of the art science facilities
  • Priority registration 
  • Small cohort
  • Committee letter service
  • Medical and dental school application support and coaching
  • Research opportunities
  • Meet admissions representatives
  • Tutoring for basic science classes
  • Great location – close to many hospitals and the beach!

"Being a part of the post-baccalaureate program was one of the most difficult experiences of my life but also my most rewarding. This program gave me the confidence to take on science courses, taught me how to work hard, to never be afraid of failure, but most importantly helped me believe in myself and my academic abilities."

-Mayra Gutierrez

Undergrad: UC Santa Cruz
LMU Post-Bac Alumna
Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC



"The quality of instruction at LMU exceeded all of my expectations but it was still a challenging workload. The relationships I was able to build with my professors and my cohort were invaluable. We were extremely fortunate to have professors who consistently went above and beyond to mentor, tutor, and help us accomplish our academic goals. My experience at LMU undoubtedly gave me a sense of confidence that I have carried into medical school. I cherish memories of my time at LMU and I owe much of my good fortune to the education I received there."

-Samvel Gyurdzhyan

Undergrad: UCLA
LMU Post-Bac Alumnus
Stanford University School of Medicine


"The two best parts of LMU are the students and the professors. There is an intangible value to having other students on the same journey with whom you can both celebrate and commiserate. It can be a long journey and I know my experience was changed by the friends I made along the way. The professors are incredibly helpful and supportive. They truly care about their student's success and that is reflected in the quality of their teaching."

-Neva Lundy

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame
Masters Degree: University of Durham
LMU Post-Bac Alumna
Currently in the Interview Process for Medical School Admissions


"LMU prepared me very well for the rigors of medical school. Because the program administrators and professors care about you as an individual, they do whatever they can to accommodate other pre-med activities such as research, finding mentors, etc. It isn’t a huge institution where you are just another number. It absolutely was the best choice for me."

-Mark Ashla

Undergrad: Loyola Marymount University
LMU Post-Bac Alumnus
Keck School of Medicine of USC



"I think that LMU showed me that I was capable of succeeding in a completely new field. I knew the small class environment at LMU would allow me to be successful as I tackled classes that were completely different from that to which I was accustomed to. And in all my years of study, some of the best professors that I've ever had the privilege of learning from were at LMU. The program built up my confidence, by simultaneously challenging me and encouraging me."

-Maya Wergeles

Undergrad: Oberlin College
LMU Post-Bac Alumna
Emory University School of Medicine


"Going back to school at the age of 25 was tough, but having a tight community of Post-Bac students who are in the same boat has made all the difference. Forming relationships with my professors here has been so valuable—they don’t simply know me as one of their students, they’ve really taken the time to get to know me as a person. The medical school application process is incredibly overwhelming, and I have benefitted SO much from the Post-Bac Health Professions class, they really do provide all of the necessary tools to be successful."

-Rachel Lile-King

Undergrad: Smith College
Current LMU Post-Bac 


Photo of a student standing outside in LA

"I'm so grateful for my time at LMU. The small class size, dedicated professors, and excellent pre-health advising team are truly exceptional. Being in LA also gave me so much access to opportunities that further fueled my aspiration to help people as a physician. I volunteered at one of the top hospitals in the country, attended global health conferences, and even attended marches and rallies about social justice issues I care deeply about. Doing a post-bac pre-med program at LMU was definitely a right decision for me."

-Songhee Han

Undergrad: Stanford University
Current LMU Post-Bac