Four Computer Science student collaborate on a problem.

Computer Science

Computer Science majors study information and computation as expressed in natural systems including biological processes, economic systems, social networks, and the physical universe, through the development of artificial systems such as digital devices and computer software.

Future products and systems that will enhance our lives will require the skills of talented and highly educated college graduates such as those who come out of LMU.

University Scholar Launches Career as a Google Software Engineer
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Alumna Graduates with Northrop Grumman Job Offer
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    The Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (DAIR) was launched in December 2021 by Timnit Gebru as a space for independent, community-rooted AI research, free...
The app, called "Briefcase," was developed by a team of LMU computer science students and professor Andrew Forney with the aim to increase attorney productivity.
App helps people change their sustainability habits to reduce environmental impact.
Two students working on a computer
First-year program introduces underrepresented students to field of computer science.
Andrew Forney
Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems Design among areas of expertise for alumnus and professor.
Mandy Korpusik
Mandy Korpusik, one of the newest additions to the computer science faculty, brings expertise in artificial intelligence, natural language processing and more.