Computer Science

Computer scientists study the generation, manipulation, and transmission of information within digital systems such as communication platforms and artificial intelligences, as well as within natural systems such as those found in sociology, biology, economics, and the physical universe. Through the development of models and algorithms, Computer Science students gain the knowledge and experience needed to convert today’s dreams into tomorrow’s achievements.

Loyola Marymount University’s Computer Science programs feature modern, interdisciplinary curricula built on the principles and values of the open source culture and emphasize:

  • Computing for All: Finding one’s home specialty in computing through a welcoming exposure to many topics on multiple platforms
  • Computing for Good: Open source software development with an eye for ethics, social justice, and the greater good
  • Theory meets Practice: Sophomore-year app-dev practicum courses and senior-year capstone projects
  • Individualized Mentorship: Faculty academic advisors, plentiful research opportunities, and connections to industry & alumni

We are committed to forming a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community that welcomes the next generation of Lions who will create novel technologies for the betterment of society.


Students are well-prepared for both industry careers and graduate study through a constructivist, practice-before-theory educational approach, and a collaborative, welcoming culture.


Many undergraduate students work side-by-side with faculty members on major research projects thanks to small class sizes. Read about some of the research areas here.

Senior Projects

All computer science majors take part in two software engineering practica in their senior year, culminating in the production of working software applications and all associated design artifacts and reports.


LMU's Computer Science Department maintains three laboratories for study, research, and events. All are located in the same building, adjacent to a grassy field ideal for frequent healthy breaks from study and work.

Why Computer Science at LMU?

Computer scientists practice in diverse fields such as medicine, bioinformatics, arts and entertainment, gaming, economics, cognitive science, and software engineering.

LMU is located three miles from the beach in the city of Los Angeles, and is adjacent to LAX, the aerospace hub of El Segundo, and the vibrant tech-centered community of Playa Vista.

The LMU Seaver Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) is a summer experience for first-year students studying computer science or related STEM fields. The program is designed for members of underrepresented or historically marginalized groups in computing (including women, first-generation or low-income college students).  No prior programming experience is needed to participate.

Josh Mosqueira is currently the game director at Bad Robot Games, and also worked as the game director on his favorite franchise, Diablo III.
Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems Design are among areas of expertise for alumnus and professor Andrew Forney.
Madelyn Louis '21, was named LMU’s University Scholar of the Year, an award that recognizes the graduating senior who has the most outstanding academic record.
Mandy Korpusik brings expertise in artificial intelligence and natural language processing to her classroom teaching and student-involved research projects.
The app, called "Briefcase," was developed by a team of LMU computer science students and professor Andrew Forney with the aim to increase attorney productivity.
This app, designed by LMU students through an interdisciplinary project, helps people change their sustainability habits to reduce environmental impact.
Business, engineering, science, and technology – BEST – teams of students developed business ideas that utilized key technologies to deliver value to customers.

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Why LMU?

Loyola Marymount University’s Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering is committed to strong values with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. We take pride in admitting students who go on to make a big impact in not just the sciences and engineering but the world at large.

Founded in 1911, the mission of LMU is the encouragement of learning, the education of the whole person, the service of faith and the promotion of justice both on campus and in the Los Angeles community.