The field of computing, particularly the disciplines of computer science and software engineering, provides a rigorous foundation and preparation for careers in Biology, Genetics, Computational Biology, Medicine, Medical Imaging, (Web) Search, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Online Music and Movie Distribution, Entertainment: Film, Television, Animation, Gaming, Mobile Devices and Applications, Security, Defense, Cyberwarfare, Aerospace, Business, Law, and Medicine. We enjoy working with collaborators both inside and outside of the university.

Collaborations within LMU

Produced by Dr. Richard Gilbert, Professor of Psychology at LMU, this video gives an overview of Loyola Marymount Virtual University (LMVU)– LMU's growing campus in the virtual world of Second Life.
  • With Business and Finance, we contribute courses to the B.S. degree in Applied Information Management Systems.
  • With Biology, we run both a team-taught biological database class and a research project in genetic mapping.
  • With Psychology, we run a team-taught seminar and course in Virtual Worlds and contribute to LMU’s Virtual University. A research project in identity mapping consists of faculty from both Computer Science and Psychology.
  • With English, we have held team-taught courses in New Media.
  • With Animation, we have run courses in Animation Pipeline Architectures, Scripting for 3-D Animation, and Game Design and Development. Many computer science majors minor in animation, and many animation majors minor in computer science.
  • With Mechanical Engineering, we have participated in a variety of projects, often supplying expertise in modeling and visualization.
  • The LMU Hyperloop Team has active participants from Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Engineering Physics, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

Collaborations with Industry

Learn about LMU's Google Compuer Science Summer Institute Extension Program

LMU is one of only a handful of colleges and universities running a Google CSSI Extension Program. During this three week program, eighteen incoming LMU students live on campus (meals and snacks are free), spend their weekdays immersed in a curriculum covering the command line, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Datastore, Jinja, Google APIs for Maps and Authentication, integration of third party APIs, and Git version control, culminating in a working project deployed on the Google Cloud and presented to an audience of family, friends, faculty, and representatives from Google. One program half-day is spent in the Google offices in Venice, California, and one evening at the beach (bonfire included). Weekends are spent on trips that have included Santa Monica Beach and Pier, the California Science Center, the California African American Museum, LACMA, and the Griffith Observatory.