headshot of Josh Mosqueira

Josh Mosqueira is the game director at Bad Robot Games, where he works to redefine how stories are played. His career spans a diverse spectrum of creative endeavors, inspired by playing Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40K. Best known for his work at Blizzard Entertainment, Mosqueira worked as the game director on his favorite franchise, Diablo III. His tenure was marked by player-first design philosophy, reflecting his deep-seated love for tabletop role playing games (RPGs) and the joy of witnessing players' reactions in real time. To this day, fans of the game clamor in online forums for Mosqueira’s return to game directing, his indelible mark made clear.

Mosqueira has held positions including game designer as well as design director, and worked as the lead designer on iconic titles like Company of Heroes and Homeworld 1. He has also worked with the Vancouver Film School as a game design Instructor, and became an esteemed member of the VFS Game Design program advisory board. This commitment to nurturing young talent demonstrated Mosqueira's dedication to the future of the industry. Following that, Josh was appointed creative director at Ubisoft, a role in which he spearheaded the conceptualization and creative direction of FarCry 3. 

Having a strong belief in collaboration, it’s not the games he says he is most proud of, but the teams he had the privilege to lead, and the friendships forged from trying to make the best games possible. This is the same mission that led him to co-found Bonfire Studios in 2016, a pioneering game studio based in Irvine, California.