Environmental Science

The Environmental Science major is a rigorous interdisciplinary program involving course work in biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science and engineering. Students receiving this degree can either pursue graduate studies or enter the field of environmental science where many jobs are available, for example, with various private businesses, government agencies, and environmental advocacy groups. An Environmental Science minor is also available.

Kimberly Dobbs
LMU research leads to career in protecting nature
Nicole Enciso
LMU community & instructors inspired alumna's career path
Student writing with vials in front of her
Explore different research topics students can participate in
App helps people change their sustainability habits to reduce environmental impact.
CRI’s research is informing ways to improve resilience to challenges from sea-level rise and storm events, coastal flooding, raging wildfires and ocean warming.
CRI continues to advance understanding of coastal resource management.
Students gain valuable lessons participating in faculty mentored research.