Students at the beach conducting research

Research in the Environmental Science program ranges from water quality to restoration ecology. Our goal is to actively engage undergraduates in research. Future students are encouraged to contact faculty and discuss potential projects!

Faculty Research Interests

  • Rachel Adams: Water quality & sustainability; Fate of chemical pollutants in the aquatic environment; Passive sampler method development
  • Nicole Bouvier-Brown: Environmental chemistry; Air quality; Atmospheric chemistry; Volatile organic compounds (VOCs); Biogenic VOCs; Environmental Justice
  • Lambert Doezema: Atmospheric chemistry; Volatile organic compounds (VOCs); Geologic seepage
  • John Dorsey: Water quality; Transport and fate of fecal bacteria in coastal waters and wetlands; Use of biofiltration systems to control runoff pollution
  • Tom Ford: Study and restoration of kelp forests; Understanding and correcting sources of pollution in Los Angeles
  • Karina Johnston: Wetland and marine ecology; Environmental sustainability; Climate resilience; Water quality; Restoration ecology
  • James Landry: Determination of heavy metal levels in the Ballona Wetlands; Air quality monitoring; Infrared microscopy in the analysis of environmental samples
  • Michelle Lum: Plant-microbe interactions: Bacterial mechanisms in beneficial plant interactions; Diversity of microbial communities associated with plants
  • Jeremy Pal: Climate change impacts on water resources and hydrologic cycle; Extreme climatic events including flood, drought, & heat waves; Agriculture; Human health
  • Martina Ramirez: Conservation genetics, Reproductive biology & Environmental toxicology
  • Eric Strauss: Urban biodiversity; Behavioral ecology of urban predators (coyotes, crows); Urban green infrastructure; Science education
  • Demian Willette: Biological invasions; Sustainability fisheries; Urban park restoration; Ecosystem services; Capacity building in applied ecology