Michael Grady, Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Grady's interests were in functional analysis. Dr. Grady received his Ph.D. from the University of Utah in 1975, his M.S. from the University of Southern Illinois in 1970, and his B.S. from University of Missouri in 1968. He joined the LMU faculty in 1975.  Dr. Grady passed away in April 2012.



Father Clarence J. Wallen

Father Clarence J. Wallen, S. J., received his M.S. degree in mathematics from St. Louis University in 1946, after which he taught for one year at Loyola University of Los Angeles. He went back to St. Louis University and received his Ph.D. in mathematics in 1956. After completing his doctorate, he returned to Los Angeles to take a faculty position at Loyola University. During his tenure as chair of the department from 1971-1974, Loyola University merged with Marymount College to become Loyola Marymount University. Fr. Wallen retired in 1987.

After his retirement, he continued teaching in the department part-time until 1998. Fr. Wallen remained active in both the the spiritual life of the University and in the LMU Jesuit community until his passing in 1999.

Fr. Wallen's legacy as a mathematics faculty member of Loyola/LMU lives in the dozens of students on whom he has had a significant influence. Many of the students he taught over the years, have gone on to earn graduate degrees in the mathematical sciences.