Teaching Mathematics

M.A. in Teaching Mathematics

The Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics (MAT) program provides an opportunity for secondary school teachers to broaden their background in the mathematical sciences and to implement this knowledge to current education practice.

The program is organized around teacher cohorts and begins annually each summer. Together the cohort completes five mathematics courses that provide an in depth look at mathematics in K-12 and its connections to graduate level mathematics and five education courses. These courses can be organized in such a way that teachers may complete their Teacher Leadership Certificate or another emphasis of interest (e.g., STEM Education, Catholic Administration). A typical MAT student completes the program in two years. For more information, please consult the program brochure.

‌Our program is significantly different from MAT programs at other universities in that we offer a close knit environment that caters directly to teachers and their needs. Teachers in the program will enjoy one-on-one attention from the faculty and a unique camaraderie with others in the program. Because the courses are organized by cohorts, teachers in the program form long-lasting bonds with one another. In addition, those teachers who partake in Research Assistantships in the program are exposed to cutting-edge research with the faculty.


Anna Bargagliotti, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Director


  • Admission Requirements

    Students seeking admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics should have completed an undergraduate program in mathematics or a closely related field. The applicant must have been a mathematics major, mathematics minor, or had equivalent coursework. 

    To be considered for admission, students must submit a Graduate Division application, a statement of intent, and transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. A letter of recommendation addressing the student’s mathematical background and teaching experience, if any, is also required. The Department of Mathematics accepts applications on a rolling basis and will begin reviewing applications on February 1st each year. Admittance to the program is considered provisional until the initial course (MATH 548) is passed with a grade B or better.

    The application can be found at:  http://graduate.lmu.edu/


  • Cost and Financial Aid Information

    Information about tuition costs can be found here

    Please contact the financial aid office to discuss possible options for scholarships, aid, and grants specifically for teachers.  Perspective MAT students may qualify for federal programs and state programs specifically geared towards increasing highly qualified individuals to teach in math and science.

    In addition to the services offered by the financial aid office, the Department of Mathematics is housed within LMU’s Seaver College of Science and Engineering. Seaver College offers a limited amount of Graduate Assistant (GA) positions each year.