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Why choose a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics at LMU?

Why choose a Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics at LMU? Loyola Marymount University offers a unique Master of Arts in Teaching experience for mathematics educators. Consider the benefits:
  • Programs begin in the summer months to accommodate teacher schedules.
  • Students select courses based on individual goals in the education field.
  • Our program combines both mathematics and education courses, allowing you to both deepen your mathematical knowledge and apply that knowledge to your pedagogy.
  • Courses are organized around teacher cohorts, promoting community, peer-centered learning, and one-on-one time with instructors.
  • Our esteemed faculty are conducting nationally-recognized research in mathematics education; as a research assistant, you can join them.
  • Teachers are challenged to both deepen their content knowledge and improve their pedagogical approach.
  • The unique cohort model is designed to build camaraderie among students and faculty.
  • Strong professional relationships forged in our learning community lead to powerful networking opportunities.


Whether you're looking to teach in a community college, increase your salary, earn your credential, or deepen your mathematical knowledge for the benefit of your students, the Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics program can help you meet your goals.

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