"During my time as a PEEC member, my RAs acted as mentors, role models, team players, and companions to whom we could look towards. I chose to become a RA for the community as I wanted to follow in my RAs footsteps and establish a community in which the incoming members not only felt welcomed and comfortable in expressing themselves, but could do so in an environment surrounded by others who possibly shared the same interests."

- Andre Vartanian

Electrical Engineering Major

"We learned about marketing ourselves, creating a resume, and effectively applying to jobs and networking in the tech industry. CSSI also has an amazing support system. The staff, TAs, and fellow participants within the CSSI program provided a welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds, and effectively created an intelligent, diverse community that I am proud to be a part of."

- Salem Tesfu

Computer Science Major

"I was interested in PEEC because the idea of having people going through the same classes as you, the community and being able to collaborate on schoolwork while at the same time having fun, is really in my opinion, the essence of what makes a remarkable engineer.”

- Justin Hynes

Electrical Engineering Major


Joining a Seaver learning community offers a number of benefits, all of which are geared toward your academic and social success in pursuing science, engineering or mathematics degrees at LMU. According to students who have participated in Seaver's learning communities, benefits include:

  • Making lifelong friends
  • Building relationships with people in the same major
  • Getting to know people very quickly and easily
  • The close connection with faculty
  • Improved academic performance
  • Dual social and academic support
  • Great way to transition to college life
  • Learning about university resources 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about participating in a learning community, contact Dr. Sandra Luca at sluca@lmu.edu.