Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

The LMU department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers an array of paths in our curriculum, for science students to customize their education. Guided by qualified and experienced faculty who are committed to undergraduate research, students have ample opportunity for hands-on lab work.

The home of the Chemistry and Biochemistry department, the Featherston Life Sciences Building, offers top-of-the-line research-grade instrumentation in the award-winning building ranked No. 6 for Best Science Lab Facilities in 2023 by the Princeton Review.

The program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in the physical sciences, the health professions or any of the many fields which are unlocked by a degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry. By offering a diversity of experiences, including faculty-led research on top of our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, we know our students are trained to enter the workforce, or successfully complete graduate-level studies.


The Department offers B.S. degrees in Chemistry or Biochemistry, with the option to become certified by the American Chemistry Society. Explore the curriculum for each track.


Our faculty are mentors who care about the whole-person education of our students. In addition to full-time academic professors, our faculty includes researchers who frequently publish and are actively practicing in the field.


Research in the department ranges from the study of infectious viruses to air quality analysis to microplastics. Students are encouraged to participate in faculty-mentored research to gain valuable hands-on experience and help further the research.

Honors and Awards

Our students and faculty are frequently the recipients of prestigious awards from chemistry and biochemistry organizations across the nation. Take a look at the winners!

Chemistry professor Katie Mouzakis has secured a $50,000 grant to identify drug candidates that could stop the coronavirus.
Lianlen Joy Go Distor was chosen out of a pool of more than 6,000 applicants from 128 countries to be part of UNESCO’s Youth As Researchers global initiative on COVID-19.
This three year grant is to continue studying a protein that shows promise for slowing, if not halting altogether, the progression of type 2 diabetes.
LMU's first Goldwater Scholar since 2013, Kevin Chang '21 was awarded the prestigious fellowship due to his promise as a researcher.

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