Applied Physiology Laboratory (APL)

Woman using equipment in the Applied Physiology Laboratory

The Applied Physiology Laboratory (APL) provides the department a newly renovated space for laboratory instruction and research alike. Students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with resistance training equipment, analyze kinetics and kinematics of human movement, perform balance assessments, and lead group-exercise programs.. In addition to being an outstanding environment for student learning, this space is used for research on strength training programs, whole body vibration, muscle adaptations to exercise, and group-based exercise interventions. For the past three years, the lab was used to deliver an exercise intervention for participants who have completed cancer treatment. This project, called IMPAACT (Improving Physical Activity After Cancer Treatment), involves a combined aerobic and resistance exercise intervention delivered through collaborative faculty effort and involving students as research assistants. Courses taught in this space include Biomechanics Laboratory (HHSC 481) and Strength Physiology Assessment Laboratory (HHSC 376). The 1500 ft2 lab space is located in North Hall-Room 100.

Equipment in the APL includes:

  • Airex stability trainer
  • Bertec Portable Force Plates (x2)
  • Cybex Arc Trainer
  • Cybex Olympic-lifting Platform
  • Cybex Stationary Bicycle
  • Cybex Power Rack Lifting Station
  • Dumbbell Rack and Weights (2.5-50 lbs.)
  • Hokanson Rapid Cuff Inflation System
  • NeuroTracker Mount with 3D Glasses
  • Qualisys 2D Oqus 210c High Speed Cameras
  • Qualisys 3D Motion Capture System with AMTI Force Plate
  • TRX Suspension Training System
  • Vibraflex 550 Whole Body Vibration Platforms (x4)